by Happyskinny

With the recruiting dead period around the holidays, I figured I would throw one of these lists together. These lists always vary, but I thought it would be interesting to put one together for people who might not go that in depth in the recruiting world. Here we go:

1. Terrelle Pryor, QB, Jeannette, PA: To put it simply, Pryor is a beast of a quarterback. He is 6-6, 235 pounds of pure muscle. He looks more like he should be playing linebacker instead of quarterback. Being that big of a quarterback, you might think he is a sit in the pocket type passer. You would be wrong. He has got speed. Pryor runs a 4.4 forty yard dash, and has good moves in the open field. He is the prefect dual threat quarterback. Rich Rodriguez is salivating to get a quarterback like this at Michigan to run the spread offense. However, don't be fooled into thinking he is a run first guy. He has a great arm with good accuracy as well. Pryor is looking to play basketball as well as football on the next level. This won't be a problem for him, as he is also one of the top basketball recruits in the nation.

College Choices: Michigan, Florida, Ohio State, Oregon, Penn State, Pittsburgh, West Virginia.

2. Julio Jones, WR, Foley, Alabama: Jones has the ideal size, speed, and athletic ability that every coach in the country wants for their wide receiver. He is also not afraid to get tough. What I mean by that is that he will be a solid blocker on the next level, and he will go over the middle when he is called to do so. He also has a great work ethic. Not only is he the best WR prospect physically, but he seems to have all of the intangibles that you want in a guy as well. There is no need to baby him, he is as mature of a high school senior as you will find. College Choices: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Oklahoma, Texas Tech. 3. Darrell Scott, RB, Ventura, California: At 6-2, 210 pounds, Scott has good size for a running back. However, his greatest gift is his speed. He clocked around a 4.3 second forty yard dash this year. He runs with great power, but his vision allows him to make cuts to make the defenders miss. He is a great downfield runner. He can pound the ball inside, but he can also hit the sidline with speed. College Choices: Colorado, Florida, LSU, Texas 4. Patrick Johnson, DB, Pompano Beach, Florida: Johnson has the complete package that is rare to find in a defensive back. At 6-1, 195 pounds, he is big and strong. He also has great speed. He runs about a 4.45 forty yard dash. To go with all that, he has great coverage skills. He is not afraid to make a tackle either. When you think of a shut down corner, this is the guy in this class. He has great hands as well. He had a lot interceptions in high school. You will not find another defensive back in this class that has the total skill set that Johnson has. College Choices: Miami (FL), soft verbal commit 5. Matt Kalil, OL, Anaheim, California: This kid has a great bloodline. He is the younger brother of former USC center and curren Carolina Panther center Ryan Kalil. That along with his father, who played at Arkansas, and later with the Bills. He is definitely the best pass blocker in this class. Right now he has great height at 6-7. However, right now he is only weighing in just under 280. Once he adds some more bulk to that huge 6-7 body, the run blocking will follow. He plays smart on the field, and that is an indication of how he is off the field. College Choices: Souther Cal, solid verbal commit 6. DaQuan Bowers, DE, Bamberg, South Carolina: He is a big guy. Bowers comes in at 6-4, 265 pounds, and he is a great athlete. In high school, he played defensive end, running back, and even returned kicks. What he has in power, he doubles his ability with his speed. He has been almost impossible to block the last few years. He can play either strongside defensive end or defensive tackle at the next level. At the annual North Carolina versus South Carolina all star game, he had to be double and triple teamed during the entire game. He may need to work on his technique, but that will come in college. His natural ability makes up for what he lacks in technique. College Choices: Clemson, solid verbal commit 7. A.J. Green, WR, Summerville, South Carolina: At 6-4, 190 pounds, Green could definitely stand to put on a few pounds. However, what he lacks in size, he certainly makes up for in speed and jumping ability. He has shown the ability to catch balls in double coverage and is a great red zone touchdown threat. He is built in the Randy Moss mode, in the sense that you can just send him downfield and just throw it up to him and let him do the rest. College Choices: Georgia, solid verbal commit 8. Will Hill, S, WR, QB, Jersey City, New Jersey: Hill might be the best athlete in this class. He can play a lot of positions. You could put him at saftey, quarterback, running back or wide receiver. You will also get a great kick returner with this guy. This gives him a lot of versatility at the next level, although most project him as a safety. He has great coverage skills, yet he can also support the run. He also has great hands. He will not drop many balls that come his way. College Choices: Florida, solid verbal commit 9. E.J. Manuel, QB, Virginia Beach, Virginia: Manuel has great size for a quarterback at 6-5, 215 pounds. He can run, but he is deifnitely a pocket passer. He will look to make a throw, but if nothing develops, he does have the ability to get out of the pocket quickly. He really has a great arm, and is accurate as well. When he does scramble, he also has the ability to throw on the run effectively. Manuel is also not afraid to stand in the pocket and take the big hit if he has to. He has a chance to be special on the next level. College Choices: Florida State, solid verbal commit 10. Arthur Brown, LB, Wichita, Kansas: Brown is definitely the top linebacker in this class. He has very good speed and power that can dominate ball carriers. Brown can also drop back into coverage. He reads the offense well, and moves very well laterally. He loves the big hit, he really knows how to finish. He is not that big right now though. He is only 6-1, 210 pounds. However, some work in the weight room once he gets to school will help with that. College Choices: Miami (FL), solid verbal commit

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