They say you can't win or lose the World Series in the first few weeks of the season, but it must feel good to be hot right out of the box. All of these top 5 teams have just been playing great baseball. Hot offense, good pitching, and great defense are common thread from these teams. A few surprises in early season results have definitely provided an opportunity for sharp sports handicappers to produce profits for themselves and their players. Lets check out Craig Trapp from CT Sports Picks   week 2 Power Rankings and see if we can help produce some profits for the upcoming week!

1. LA Dodgers: Not a hotter team in baseball with a sizzling record of 10-5. Power pitching and hitting is how this team has been getting it done. They have played very easy schedule early on so would be good team to play against at huge money line odds.

2. Toronto Blue Jays: Tied for the most wins in baseball at 11-5 currently. Romero and Halladay might be one of the best top end of any pitching lineup but the bullpen and rest of the starters will be the key for this team to keep up this winning. Timely hitting so far has kept them winning but well see how they fare against top end pitchers like Boston and NYY!!

3. Boston Red Sox: Winning ugly should be this teams motto. Early season pitches issues had this team struggling but some how they have continued to win. This team will be scary when there top end pitchers get it right. Good value on run lines recently has provided some nice profits to the Red Sox backers.

4. Florida Marlins: Even a sweep by the lowly Pirates can't stop the excitement in South Florida. With an 11-4 start and a very average division this team has shown why many experts thought they would win this division. Young pitching is the key for this team and if they can keep this pace up watch out World Series!

5. St Louis Cardinals: Tony LaRussa is and always will be a hall of famer but if he wins with this team he will earn even more respect. This team can struggle at times hitting and also with consistent starting pitching. Recently though both have been extraordinary and only the Cubs stand in there way from another divisional title.

Make sure you check back weekly as Craig updates his Power Rankings and gives his breakdown on each of his top five MLB teams. Sports Handicappers all have there key tools to picking winners and Craig's Power Rankings have always been one of his top tools to finding winners with value. Of course Craig has all teams ranked from top to bottom and this is just his weekly top five!

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