So after a long process of deciding how to decide who the best quarterbacks of all time are, I came up with a list utilizing a scoring system.

I will give you a brief explanation of my formula.
The three basic stats:
1. Yards/Year
2. Touchdowns/Year
3. Interceptions/Year

The yards per year are divided by 100 and then each category is given one point each (Interceptions are given a negative value).

Completion percentage is divided by 10 and given a point.

Next is the accomplishments (ECT) score:
1. Superbowl wins
2. Superbowl losses
3. Championship game losses
4. MVPs
5. All-Pros

Superbowl wins=10pts
Superbowl losses=2.5pts
Championship appearances=1pt

Next Category is winning:
1. Wins
2. Losses
3. Wins/Year

Wins are divided by 10 and given a point

Losses are multiplied by 0.7 and subtracted a point


7 years experience minimum.

  1. Joe Montana
  2. Peyton Manning
  3. Otto Graham
  4. Brett Favre
  5. Tom Brady
  6. Johnny Unitas
  7. John Elway
  8. Terry Bradshaw
  9. Dan Marino
  10. Steve Young
  11. Troy Aikman
  12. Kurt Warner
  13. Bart Starr
  14. Jim Kelly
  15. Roger Staubach
  16. Fran Tarkenton
  17. Donovan McNabb
  18. Sid Luckman
  19. Joe Theismann
  20. Ken Stabler
  21. Phil Simms
  22. Steve McNair
  23. [[Trent Green
  24. Bob Griese
  25. Len Dawson
  26. Boomer Esiason
  27. Joe Namath
  28. Drew Bledsoe
  29. Rich Gannon
  30. Ken Anderson
  31. Dan Fouts
  32. Jack Kemp
  33. Warren Moon
  34. Daryle Lamonica
  35. Jim Plunkett
  36. Brad Johnson
  37. Mark Brunell
  38. Norm Van Brocklin
  39. Jeff Garcia
  40. Roman Gabriel
  41. Marc Bulger
  42. Y.A. Tittle
  43. Neil Lomax
  44. Matt Hasselbeck
  45. Jake Delhomme
  46. Jake Plummer
  47. Jim Everett
  48. Kerry Collins
  49. Drew Brees
  50. Randall Cunningham

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