Here is my list of the Top 3 Teams in the MLB... Enjoy!

1. Los Angeles Dodgers - Call me crazy, yes. But the Dodgers have been on a streak. Having the greatest record in the National League the Dodgers have been going on a streak. They're on a four game winning-streak. They've also gone 8-2 for the last ten games. The Dodger's five starting pitchers all have winning records, but the bullpen has been a little bit weak, although one underrated pitcher, Johnathan Broxton has gone 3-0, 28 innings pitched, and a 0.95 ERA... in the bullpen... still with good hitters like Andre Either (who has a .364 batting average, 11 home runs, and 40 RBIs, is easily the best batter on the team.) Matt Kemp also leads the league with 47 runs. I hate to say it, but Manny Ramirez hasn't been doing that bad either, not that he's doing too good either, but still 5 home runs, 28 RBIs and about a .285 batting average, isn't that bad. So arguably, the Dodgers are the best team in the MLB as of right now...

2. New York Yankees - Although it pains me so much, the Yanks are the second best team in the MLB right now... Why? Because they've been a riot at home going 19-7 at home (and 18-16 on the road). They're only two games behind the Tampa Bay Rays... and the Rays have only gone 5-5 for the last ten games while the Yankees have gone 7-3. Robinson Cano has been on a roll (.376 batting average, 12 home runs, and 46 RBIs), though there has been one bust, Mark Teixeira, has been slumping (.226 batting average, 9 home runs, 36 RBIs). Other batters that have done well are Nick Swisher (.305 batting average, 10 home runs, 37 RBIs), Alex Rodriguez (sadly, yes) and Derek Jeter (.296 batting average, 6 home runs, 35 RBIs). Now let's move on to the pitching, all the starting pitchers, except Javier Vazquez have winning records (Vazquez has a 5-5 record). One pitcher who's been quietly tearing up the league is Phil Hughes, the kid has gone 8-1, a 2.71 ERA, plus 68 strikeouts, with 69 innings pitched. That's incredible... and don't forget the stellar performances by C.C. Sabathia, and Andy Pettite (who is 7-1 and a 2.47 ERA, probably better than Hughes). So yeah, Yanks 2nd.

3. Tampa Bay Rays - The Rays have been doing really good this year, suprisingly, they've gone 22-8 on the ROAD. While they've only gone 17-13 at home. They've gone 5-5 for the last ten games, not bad, but they'll need to improve if they want to stay on top the American League East Standings. Anyways, lets get down to the players, Evan Longoria has been insane (.326 batting average, 11 home runs, 47 RBIs). There is one player who has been doing terrible, Carlos Pena, sure he has 13 home runs, but his batting average is .186, yes .186. Now lets glide on to the pitchers. Four out of five starting pitchers have a winning record (W. Davis has a 5-6 record). Some impressive pitchers have been Jeff Niemann (6-0, 2.48 ERA), David Price (9-2, 2.23 ERA), and Rafael Soriano (2-0, 1.59 ERA). So, yes, the third best team in the MLB is definently the Rays...

So this concludes my article, hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it..

Sites That Helped Me Out: Tampa Bay Rays Official Website New York Yankees Official Website Los Angeles Dodgers Official Website

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