Top 3 Drills we wish were in the NFL Combine

The NFL Combine has started and everyone is eagerly awaiting the results from the first group. In the meantime we decided to think of 3 drills that are not in the NFL Combine, but should be.

The Power Pad

Forget the 40 yard dash. The Power Pad not only tests speed, but the athlete has to remain on the circles the entire time. One foot off can cost him a few rounds in the draft. Now add two athletes competing on the same Power Pad and you have instant insanity.


Wipeout is an interesting television show on ABC. Contestants work through a full course of mud, big balls, and zany objects trying to finish with the best time. There is one segment that would greatly benefit the NFL Combine which is the Spinner. Each contestant starts on a podium circling a “swinging arm” which is placed in the middle. This “swinging arm” gains speed and height with each revolution until 3 contestants are left. What a great way to test vertical leap and strength.

Street Fighter

Let’s see what these NFL-wannabes are made of. We should pit them against each other and the ones alive at the end of the match make it to the NFL Draft. Would you Pay-Per-View it for only $9.99?

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