This is a list of the Top 20 National League Hitters of the 2009 season.  Feel free to offer advice or agreement.  Thank you for reading my article.  Hope you enjoy!

1. Albert Pujols - Hands down, Pujols is the best hitter in the league.  He leads in HRs with 34, and RBIs with 90
2. Prince Fielder - If Pujols wasn't in the NL, Fielder could be a frontrunner for MVP.  He has 86 RBIs second to Pujols, and has batted above .300 this year
3. Raul Ibanez - Ibanez has been a surprise this year with 25 HRs, and 68 RBIs, and is also batting above .300.  This is the best year in his career
4. Hanley Ramirez - Ramirez came into this year with high expectations.  He is the one holding off Pujols from the Triple crown, because Ramirez is batting .348
5. Chase Utley - The Phillies have had plenty of power this year with Ibanez, Werth, Howard, and Utley who has 21 HRs, 66 RBIs, and is also batting above .300
6. Ryan Howard - Howard has always been a power threat with 24 HRs this year, and 69 RBIs, and is also batting .259
7. Adrian Gonzalez - Gonzalez has been the bright part of the Padres this year with 25 HRs, in a pitchers ballpark
8. Ryan Braun - Braun isn't putting up his projected 43 HRs, but he still is very consistent with 18 HRs, 61 RBIs, and is batting above .300
9. Carlos Lee - Lee is a monster. He has 14 Grand Slams in his career, and has put very consistent numbers this year
10. Jayson Werth - Jayson Werth has been another power source for the Phillies putting up 21 HRs, and 61 RBIs
11. Mark Reynolds - Reynolds has slugged 25 HRs, and is batting .270 this year
12. Brad Hawpe - Hawpe has been a very good hitter for the Rockies with 61 RBIs, and a .322 AVG, he also has hit 15 HRs
13. Manny Ramirez - even though Manny was out for 50 games while he was playing he has hit 10 Hrs, and is batting .343
14. Matt Kemp Kemp has been a consistant batter for the Dodgers, he has a .323 AVG, 13 HRs, and 55 RBIs, he also has 20 SB
15. Justin Upton - Justin the younger brother of B.J. has put up big numbers for the D-Backs, having 54 RBIs, 16 HRs, and is batting .291
16. Adam Dunn - Dunn is on this list because he has improved his average big time.  Last year he had a .236 AVG, this year it is .268.  By the way he also hit 24 HRs, and 65 RBIs, Dunn has improved
17. Pablo Sandoval - Sandoval has been a rookie star for the Giants, batting .326, 15 HRs, and 56 RBIs
18. Derrek Lee - Lee started off the season slow but has hit 18 HRs, 59 RBIS, and has hit .280, he has been a bright spot with the Cubs this year
19. Miguel Tejada - Tejada hasn't has the power, hitting only 8 HR, but he is hitting .326, with 53 RBIs
20. Andre Ethier - Ethier has been a power source for the Dodgers hitting 19 HRs, and 58 RBIs

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