Top 10 Worst Sports Betting Scandals + 1 You Can’t Miss

Interested in Sports Betting? Here’s a look at the Top 10 Sports Betting Scandals of all time.


10) The Phoenix gambling ring

In 2006 Rick Tocchet, the Phoenix Coyotes assistant coach, was accused of financing a nationwide gambling ring. The guilty party were a collective of NHL players that bet on college and pro sports. However, they did not bet on hockey.

9) Hal Chase

Hal Chase was a batter for the NY Giants in 1919. During his fifteen year career which started off with the NY Highlanders it was alleged he threw games as well as bet on some of them. After unsuccessfully attempting to bribe a pitcher and an umpire he was officially banned from the game for life.

Eight) Boston College Football

Dan Henning, the coach of the BC football team in 1996 heard that some of his players may have bet against the team in their loss to Syracuse on October 26th. The score? 45-17. They better have bet against themselves. He contacted the officials and 13 players were suspended and six were banned indefinitely. Henning resigned after that disastrous season with a record of 16-19-1

7) The Tulane Job

In 1985, five Tulane players were accused of point shaving in two games. The most notable busted party was John Williams who was accused of raking in more than $8000 for games he shaved. While Williams was indicted, there was a mistrial and all charges were dropped. After the case he joined the Cleveland Cavaliers and played nine long seasons with the franchise.

6) Connie Hawkins

Guilty by association. Hawkins was an innocent victim of a point shaving case in 1961 while he was a freshman at Iowa. During the investigation, his name came up, but he was never sought out as the guilty party. More so, according to NCAA rules at the time, he was ineligible to even play since he was a freshman.

What did this mean for his future? He went undrafted for 3 years and then Commissioner Walter Kennedy banned him for entering the Draft again. It wasn’t until 1969 that Hawkins received a settlement from his lawsuit against the NBA that paid him $1 million and five year contract with the Suns worth $410,000.

Five) Hornung and Karras

Paul Hornung was the Packers running back and MVP in 1961. Alex Karras was the Lions All Pro defensive tackle. After fessing up to betting a few hundred dollars on NFL games they were suspended during the 1963 season by NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle. In 1964 during their return, Karras refused to call the coin toss stating, “I’m not permitted to gamble

4) Tim Donaghy

When Pete Rose was betting on the Reds, there was really nothing he could do to give them an edge. When a ref is betting on the games he is officiating, that is just downright nasty. Donaghy was a referee in the NBA from 1994 to 2007 and sentenced to 15 months in prison for making calls that would affect the point spread of the game.

3) The 1951 Point-Shaving Scandal

One of the biggest scandals in College Basketball history happened during 1947 to 1951. In this short time, 35 active and former college players were accused of fixing games and at least 86 known games were fixed. When the story broke, a handful of players were already in the NBA namely, Sherman White, Ralph Beard, and Alexa Groza. In 1991 New York Newsday listed the scandal as the worst in New York sports history.

2) Pete Rose

Even if you don’t know much about Baseball, you probably heard of Pete Rose. An excellent player, a respected manager of the Reds, and a man with a bad gambling habit. The man who it 4,256 hits in his career will never be entered into the Hall of Fame because he used to bet on Reds as he was managing them. At first he denied any allegations, but after receiving a $1 million advance on his book, he confessed to his habits during the 80’s. At least he never bet on the Reds to lose.

1) The Infamous Black Sox

Before the Roaring 20’s, the 1919 White Sox left a bitter taste in Baseball fans everywhere. When mobsters, money, and greed entered the picture a recipe for disaster surely ensued. Arnold Gandil the White Sox first baseman and seven of his teammates conspired to throw the World Series that year. When the scandal unraveled, eight players were banned from the MLB for life. The most famous of the involved party? Joe “Shoeless” Jackson. Oh, and the Reds won the Series.


Remember the movie Goodfellas? Henry Hill, the man Ray Liotta played had a point shaving scheme during the late 70’s. He dealt with a Boston College player named Rick Kuhn. In about three months, Hill cashed in almost $100,000. When Hill entered the witness protection program he ratted on Kuhn which resulted in Kuhn receiving jail time.

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