Craig's NFL Mock Draft 2009 is finally done and now we are starting to look at some of the deeper positions in this years draft. If you missed Craig's 2009 Mock Draft check it out: Picks 1-10, 11-20, 21-32! Today Craig from CT Sports Picks is going to break down the deepest position in the draft: Wide Receivers. In fact many experts have as many as 7 players being taken in the first round. Craig has only 5 receivers going in first round but 4 more going in 2nd round of the 2009 NFL Draft. Today Craig will rank the top 10 Wide Receivers in the 2009 Draft and also give quick breakdown of their talent!

1. Michael Crabtree: Top rated impact player on Craig's board even with a hair line fracture in foot. Looks like he will be a lock to be taken in top 5 of this years draft. Pro speed and size and playmaking ability that rivals any top WR in the NFL today.

2. Jeremy Maclin: Wish he was a little taller but either way his elusiveness will make him very versatile for whatever team takes him. Looks like he will be a top 10 pick. Questionable durability might be the one negative about Maclin's NFL future.

3. Hakeem Nicks: Has improved his draft status as we have neared the draft. Top end speed with the best hands in the draft. If he was from one of the big Football schools you would most likely have seen him picked in top 10. First Round pick for sure but might be bottom half of 1st round.

4. Percy Harvin: Recently released that he failed a drug test at the draft might cause him to slide down to the bottom of first round. Not a polished receiver spent most of time in college coming out of the backfield. Top flight hands and speed will make him a star once he learns how to run routes.

5. Kenny Brit: Pro Body with questionable character. That is what pro scouts are saying. Might be the best talent and size of any of the top receivers but his character is definitely going to be an issue with teams. Very close talent wise to a young Terrell Owens.

6. Darrius Heyward-Bey: Looks like the typical speed receiver that has not yet developed his route running skills. Raw talent at WR in the right coaching hands could be a superstar.

7. Brian Robiskie: Did not get to show his talent in a run heavy offense last year but has all the skills and is ready to play right now. Not the fastest or strongest but the most ready to step in and contribute as any receiver in this draft class.

8. Ramses Barden: General Public might say who is he and where did he play but not the pro scouts. Playing at a small school Cal Poly did not keep his talent from shining. At 6 ft 6 inches and very good speed he can go get the ball when it is in the air better than anyone in this draft. A late 2nd round pick will be a steal for whatever team drafts him!

9. Derrick Williams: Similar skillset as Jeremy Maclin but not quite as good receiver. In an offense that did not throw the ball much could have huge upside in late 2nd round. One of best return men in all of football last year.

10. Brandon Tate: Only a season ending knee injury keeps him from being a top end receiver in this years draft. If he can get the speed back would be a valuable asset in the late 2nd or early 3rd round. A failed drug test at the combine might scare some teams away from this UNC star.

Hope everybody is as excited as Craig is about the 2009 NFL Draft. Make sure you check back in the next few days Craig will be breaking down the top 10 offensive lineman!!

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