It goes without saying that this whole Vince Young thing is puzzling to say the least. And since I’m not sure where to begin on this one, I’m going to let the Tennessean assist me…

For whatever reason, Young appeared unwilling to take the field midway through the fourth quarter on Sunday afternoon following his second interception and a resulting in a cascade of boos from the fans at LP Field.

Eventually, he re-entered the game, only to suffer a knee injury four plays later.

My man Vince, only two picks…Damn, you know what Wrecks Grossman would give to only do that, do you? In all seriousness though, clearly there’s a major problem singing in the Music City. And simply put, Vince Young is a crybaby…There’s no way of getting around that fact. Everybody knows it, from teams, to players, to fans! Hell, it was even reported at the end of last year that Norm Chow said Young had a tendency to pout and likes to suck on pacifiers! Sure, we all joke around and call athletes crybabies now and again, but this one has true merit to it and unfortunately in the Titans case, well it’s no laughing matter! Not when Jeff Fisher and the rest of the team has to go into "damage control" mode and are guarded talking about Crybaby VY10 and all his issues because he can’t get the tears out of his eyes long enough to stand up for himself as real men do!

Having a third overall pick as your franchise quarterback who loves to pout and exhibit poor body language, (i.e. kicking and screaming) and throws a temper tantrum that of a 7-year old when shit isn’t going his way…Yeah, I’m thinking that’s not a recipe for success! Just a guess! When Titan fans are giving a standing ovation to Kerry Collins…Yeppers, there’s major issues in Honky Tonk Land! And to think peeps thought Dolly Parton’s rack was the biggest thing ever to be seen in Nashville.

Against the Jags on Sunday Young just showed that’s he’s definitely no smarter than a fifth grader…Showing us that he’s mentally weak! That when times are tough and everything’s going against you, well lets just quit and blame it on my knee! True, the may be a legitimate excuse, but it’s still an excuse! The fact of the matter is that quitting on a team because you got booed would be inexcusable…None of the "Dog ate my homework" reasons can do that justice!

Clearly though the issues with Crybaby 10 run deeper than this…Take a looksy at this picture last year during the Texans-Titans game when Young was injured, and how strange his sideline demeanor looked, and how separate he was from the rest of the team. Pictures never lie!! Not only that, but during this off-season there were rumors floating around that he had some intentions of walking away from the game of football, to which he put an end to by saying…

"I was never going to quit football, Young said. "Football, that is my pride and joy, it is my dream. I am playing my dream. And I don't plan on giving that up any time soon.

Isn’t that interesting…Never going to quit football. Football is my pride and I am playing a dream…And don’t plan to give that up. Well then, what the hell happen this past Sunday, Vince? Everything you said there, you did the opposite against the Jags. What an outstanding franchise quarterback! Oh, I get it…That only applies when you’re not throwing interceptions, incomplete passes and a cascade of boos are raining down from Titan fans.

On the brighter side, the Titan marketing/game promotions team has just informed me that sometime during the course of the season, (Not sure what game yet) they’ll be passing out Vince Young pacifiers along with Vince Young handkerchiefs to dry your eyes and blow your honkers in. So as you can see, something good has come out of this drama!

For further coverage on the Crybaby Quarterback courtesy of The Tennesseean, well stick thick in your cakehole and start sucking on it.

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