Don't get me wrong, Tom Brady is still a good QB, he has won 2 Super Bowl MVP's, 3 Super Bowl rings, but last night is absolute proof why he is not the G.O.A.T.

Too much talk about Brady this Brady that, in the biggest Super Bowl of his career, in which 19-0 and being called one of the greatest teams in the history of American professional sport, he spent a good chunk of it flat on his ass. In the last 29 seconds of the game, with 3 timeouts, he just threw the ball 50 yards downfield and hoped for a miracle and didn't get it. I don't give a damn that his ankle was bum, he wasn't going to be able to run anywhere.

What happened to being cool, calm, the best in the clutch? Better than Joe Montana? Didn't you see him get all riled up towards the end of the game? I need an explanation for that one. To be honest with you, this game, in which he did not throw an interception, was worse than the game against the San Diego Chargers in which he threw 3. Brady does not have even 1% mobility. As soon as he gets hurried, he is going down. The Giants had a perfect gameplan, and it's hassle Tom Brady all night long. And they have the defense to do it. They are one of only 5 teams IMO that can consistently get to Tom Brady and sack him.

Stop comparing him to Joe Montana, or Dan Marino, or any of those QB's. I want to show you a little pattern I've noticed in their last 3 losses.....

Giants 17 Patriots 14 - Brady sacked 5 times, hurried even more, threw many deep balls, didn't complete any of them, Giants stun Pats.

Colts 38 Patriots 34 - With the game on the line, Brady throws it, and it's intercepted by Marlin Jackson to send the Colts to the Super Bowl.

Dolphins 21 Patriots 0 - Brady throws interceptions, gets sacked, does nothing, Pats get shutout by a bad Dolphins team.

I'm confused, wasn't Tom Brady "the best ever" in situations like these? Explain Pats fans, explain Brady ball washers. You have been brainwashed by those talking heads from ESPN that Brady is the team, he was responsible for 18 straight wins, little to no credit to anyone else, that is a pile of cow manure.

Rant over, time for some other musings:

  • Bill Belichick to me, is a Grade A loser for his actions. On the other hand, he acts like that when the Pats win.
  • Asante Samuel and Brandon Meriweather had interceptions ripe for the picking, and both of them dropped it. Meriwether's was a little more difficult because it was over the shoulder, but Samuel should have caught that one and ended the game.
  • Even though I've never been happier for the Patriots to lose in the big stage, I still feel sorry for Junior Seau. He came back from retirement, this was his best chance at a Super Bowl, and unfortunately he was a non-factor, and they lost.
  • Say what you want about Steve Smith's drop leading to Manning's only pick of the playoffs, he was the real key in that last drive for New York, his 3rd and 11 play was spectacular.
  • The running game was awful on both sides....and Ahmad Bradshaw was doing his absolute best to screw up.
  • Joe Buck, who we bash so much, had probably his best showing ever. He was very enthusiastic, let the audience listen to the crowd, and not talk about anything off topic. He was tremendous for the Super Bowl.
  • This year's set of non-Bud Light and non-MyFive commercials was incredibly lame.
  • It is fitting that the Patriots, who won all of their Super Bowls by 3 points, lose this one by the same margin.

Thanks to everyone on ArmchairGM for a great NFL season. And I'll see you for the Pro Bowl live blog.

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