That's what I said after the play in the fourth quarter. A great play-action fake by Tom Brady, the Giants defenders fall down, and nobody is within 5 yards of Randy Moss. I can see it about to happen, Moss reeling in the pass and streaking into the end zone.

He dropped it (kind of). The playmakin' son of a bitch dropped it.

It was an emotional moment. I put the blame on Moss at the time (Brady later admitted it was underthrown, and it was, but it looked like Moss could have caught it). Over the next 15 seconds, the most doubt I've had about this team all season flew through my brain like a stealth bomber. Oh God, it's happening...Moss didn't go 100% on that play...Brady looks frustrated as hell...they might lose this one...

The Pats were down five with over 11 minutes to go, on their own 35. It's now 3rd down. Brady goes deep for Moss again. 65-yard touchdown, #50 for Brady, #23 for Moss.

This is still unfathomable to me, probably because I am not a professional football player. But the amount of trust, the confidence, the connection those two have to have for Brady to go back to Moss one play after he could have cost his team the game...I can't imagine it. It probably makes perfect sense to everyone in that locker room, since they had hooked up 22 times before, but I was completely delirious. Never had such a roller coaster of frustration and elation blown through my psyche faster. Two plays was all it took.

It's pretty clear to me that Brady and Moss have a special relationship. Moss referred to Brady's killer instinct in the press conference afterwards, Brady talked about how special that touchdown pass was. They couldn't even decide who would get the 50/23 ball. Brady has never had a receiver remotely close to the caliber of Moss, and you can tell how thankful and appreciative he is.

It's not only Moss. I have determined that Wes Welker is not human. He is a ball-catching, tackler-eluding, 3rd-down-converting, blocking machine with the speed of an animal. I swear to God, he is just as valuable to this team as Moss is. He looks like a mouse once he gets the ball, and the cheese is in the end zone. He weaves, he finds a seam, and not many people can catch him. I am hard-pressed to find another receiver in this league who is as fun to watch or as dangerous after the catch. I adore this man and the way he plays football. I have to laugh now at how I was worried when David Givens left in free agency and how heartbroken I was when they traded Deion Branch. It's almost like there was a grand plan in place to put all of these players together. Unbelievable.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: they're not even close yet. They still have to play and beat three of the best teams in football to get to where they want to be, the World Championship. The bye week is a huge help, but you know they'll only cherish this for 24 hours or so. They'll get to work as soon as they who they're playing.

I think there are two teams in the AFC that can beat them: Indy and Jacksonville. Peyton Manning and the Colts have played just as well, maybe even better, down the stretch. Jacksonville scares the bejesus out of me, with the way they run the football, play defense and don't turn the ball over. In the NFC, Dallas showed they were game for three quarters in the first matchup, there's no reason they can't do it again. Even the Giants, who played their asses off, could be a threat with Brandon Jacobs and Eli Manning looking more like his brother than the Eli we're used to.

They are not perfect. Far from it. They have to improve if they want to go all the way. They're one injury away from being extremely beatable. Right now, they're beatable.

But for now, Mercury Morris, shut the fack up. They're not on your block. They're about to bust open your front door.


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