There is no comparison between Kobe and MJ. Just answer one question: which one would you want on your team? Other than an extremely biased Laker fan, can anyone honestly pick Kobe over MJ?

I heard on ESPN radio that Kevin Garnett could not create his own shot. Is offensive rebounding consider creating your own shot? It is in my book.

Alfonso Soriano of the Chicago Cubs hopefully produces more runs than he gives up in left field. The Cubs look like the best team in baseball. If they pick up a starter, they can make a run if they stay healthy. 

The Detroit Pistons and San Antonio Spurs are talking about rebuilding since their loss in the conference finals. Please see the Chicago Bulls when talking about rebuilding. GM's that have a clue about personnel aways seem to find good players late in the draft or free agency. Find some young legs. Add some energy to your bench. Play your bench throughout the season to develop your depth and cut minutes of the older, talented players. 

Why did the Packers draft 2 QB's?  From what I saw of Aaron Rodgers, he looks pretty good. So let me see. The Packers have Aaron Rodgers. Unproven, but getting coached, and has been Brett Favre's understudy for a couple years. The Packers then draft Brian Brohm from Louisville in the 2nd round and Matt Flynn (LSU) in the 7th round. The Bears, on the other hand, are sticking with Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton

What is wrong with the Bears? I don't know if i can stand another season with Grossman at QB. Do the Bears have an NFL caliber QB on their roster? Orton and grossman will battle through preseason for the starting job. Kyle Orton is a DUI waiting to happen. Grossman is in his last year of his contract. He just wants to have a job after this year. The Bears other needs were more important then finding a QB that just won't lose the game like grossman or actually complete a pass longer then 6 yards in orton. 

Favorite all time Athlete comercials: Bo Jackson Nike Bo Knows, any Peyton Manning commercial (other then the Oreo commercial), Lite Beer from Miller Commercials from back in the day (Less filling! Taste Great!), MJ with Spike Lee, Terry Tate office Linebacker, Gatorade Like Mike

Remember when Nolan Ryan beat the crap out of Robin Ventura? I have to give Ventura credit for charging Ryan. The Red sox/Rays fight was pretty good the other night. Coco Crisp is an idiot. When I first saw the replay of him stealing second the night before, I thought he was trying to break up a double play. A direct late slide on a straight steal in the late inning of a 5-1 game was just stupid. I have never seen the Astros in a brawl. 

I will be willing to bet that if you look at the DL covering the past 10 years in baseball and compare it to a list of suspected and known steriods users. the list would be very simular. 

Favorite Basketball Movie - Hooiers, White man can't jump, Fish that Saved Pittsbugh

Favorte Football Movie - Rudy, The Longest Yard (1974), Jerry McGuire

Favorite Basebal Movie - Bull Durham, 61*, Bad News Bears (1976), Sandlot

Do you listen to sports talk radio?  Some of the guys doing sports radio are distracted by their own self importance. 

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