Hey Fans,

When I watch Big League Baseball I hearken back to the 1980's when the Wave was this phenomena in which thousands (based on the sport and size of the arena/stadium) of fans spontaneously and in wonderful synchronization would do "The Wave". It would start in the Bob Uecker seats, from the left foul pole and section by section fans would stand or some just raise their arms, in unison and the effect as Don Henley says, was Fabulous. It was fun to be part of the Wave, particularly when your team was losing big time and you've had a few high-priced beers. But, sports fans I have a gripe with the 21st century Wave. No, it is not spontaneous and it does not involve the people in the cheap seats at all. Rather, it's VIP's and their kids, with their cell phone in hand, start waving when their friend watching it at home on some 62" HDTV tells them, "You're on camera - WAVE! And then they stand up and wave like a lunatic. These privileged few who get to sit just feet away from other rich folk who are playing a boy's game are degrading the Wave, an event from which I and many other fans derived great pleasure from being a part of just two decades ago.

Well, this new "Wave" irks me big time.

Why do this rich people have to act so childlike when they're on TV. Just to show the world they're sitting just rows from the field behind home plate. I've had enough, and so it appears have the TV networks. As soon as one of these rich people start acting like a baboon, they cut to a shot of the center fielder scratching his crotch and then another of one player or coach patting a grown man on the ass. So, it appears we're stuck with this version of the Wave, an event I so enjoyed being part of in its hey day. Now, I get sick when I see these la di da people waving hysterically on camera. Don't let it get you though. Just say to yourself as you watch your favorite team and see the new Wave being performed by some rich kid just home from college, that he forgot to take his meds in the morning. That's what I'm going to do. And then, it will all be better.

Have a great weekend.

Chuck T

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