I'm going to keep this short and sweet, with a Fed-ex overnight express version of gameday synopsis.

Bengals-Jets. Bengals with the loss of Henry, weren't able to digest this tragic loss and spin it into a positive, it was close for them in San Diego but at the end they got smacked in the face by the Rivers card. The loss to the Jets was somewhat meaningless. In the end, this is a gonna be a huge defensive War game. Its a nasty battle that may create a rivalry and with the cold breezy weather the logical nod goes to the Jets on the ground. Logic is out the window in the playoffs and somehow the Bengals are the real underdogs here and they squeak it out. This one within a field goal. Everytime the experts have counted out the Bengals this season they surprised.

Then the big show, the primo matchup of the weekend, is tonight. Its compelling from all angles. You go from blue collar town in Cincy to full glitz, full glamor in the Big D against a very very very good Eagles squad. Another rematch from last week, count three from week 17, that is unheard of. Again running game goes to Dallas, but I have a funny itchy feeling that Philly comes in and takes care of bizness. Don't ask me why, Dallas has been impressive and if its any consolation, I hate the cowboys, I am a sad redskins fan and I won money on cowboys when they walked into Nawlins to break the December streak and I rode their coattails into last week. Jerry Jones, you will regret again keeping wade (big-bum) phillips. Eagles win this game in a shocker.

My caveat, so don't take this as some prognostication to bet your life savings on my account. I'm not liable for any of your betting habits or choices. Wager at your own risk. I can easily envision the Jets and Cowboys humbling their opponents and emerging as dark horses to conference championship games or close to it.

Today's games are a 50-50 draw in which way they go. Regardless, they will be very exciting, game 1 will be gritty, nasty and chippy. Game 2 will be an instant classic.

Stay tuned for tomorrow. Hopefully I haven't stated the obvious. Right now my gut is churning, weird ways on that Dallas game. Its gonna be philly tightening up on D and forcing Romo to pass. They are gonna lose pints of blood trying to stop felix, the barbarian and choice.

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