I know that people have been dying to know more about me. Well, as already discussed before I am a huge sports fan. But I'm more than just a spectator, I'm also a huge sports athlete who is pretty good at every damn sport I play. Yes, in my younger days I was being scouted for the NHL, but being only around 5'4" at 13 years old, 5'6" at 16 years old, my size sure was making it difficult. 5 concussions later my hockey career was over. I also did play some baseball, soccer, football, golf, down hill-skiing, switched to snowboarding, water skiing switched to wake boarding which switched to kit boarding, surf, fish, no hunting, no real tennis, did play in a rugby league for the past 3 summers, no real basketball, have ran in 2 marathons......

Well, I dabbled in a lot. I would have played dodgeball as a kid but I found it too violent.

But what's really important is what I wear before I get ready to play a particular sport. I'm going to share with you all my wardrope and where you can purchase it..... so one day you can be as preparred as Frank Stevenson is.

Let's start with me naked. Yup, I just got out of bed or out of work and I'm ready to play some sports. I take of all my clothes, I'm naked as can be, and I'm ready to get ready to go.

1. Underwear.

Usually throughout the day I like to wear boxers. But in sports you can't. And you can't free ball it either.

Under armour

Now it does depend if it is winter or summer. In the summer when my balls sweat a lot I prefer under armor thong underwear. It really does "whip the sweat right off your testicals" like advertised (and trust me guys the ladies don't like salty sweaty balls- south park). You can purchase this under wear on their site or go to any athletic store.

In the winter when I need some more heat and warmth I prefer cotton underwear. Again, out with the boxers and in with the briefs. I recommend something with lots of support. The more support the better don't you think? Fruit of the loom makes my favorites. You can go to it's very properly named website:



Now let's move onto socks. I prefer these. Don't know why but I really find them comfortable and they do handle the sweat and odor's well. One would think cotton socks would be better but I have found that especially when playing hockey you need to keep those little piggies warm. Again, you can get these at


Next we move onto shorts. Bicycle shorts are excellent to wear while participating in EVERY sport possible. I use to wear these bad boys while playing rugby with the boys. Now wait a second some of you might be saying out loud... Frank they are also called bicycle "briefs"! And yes you would be correct! Again, it's all about support and comfort and what gives you that extra edge in sports athletics. When it's cold outside I switch to under armor's "Cold Action Leggins". (and yes I wear them OVER my thong underwear).

Under Armour Cold Gear Action Legging Mens

What about a shirt? Well, I prefer to wear just my bicycle briefs in the summer shirtless (and yes men you have to shave that chest for less wind resistance!!!!) but if it gets a little chilly I again go with under armor. I prefer to buy the ones that already have the muscles built in (sort of like Batman!)



PS- don't forget to tape your nipples if you are running!

I also wear a one piece outfit if I can't match my tops with my bottoms or use this guide to help color match. I swear some of you boys are soooooo color blind. Oh my gosh!



So we have our underwear on, we have our socks on, we have shorts or pants on, shirt if needed.... what about shoes???

Yes, I prefer the Nike Ipod shoes. FAN-TAS-TIC!!!  For only $899.99 you can get the shoes and that hip-hop music too to really get those butts moving(


I listen to a little Tupac when I work out or exercise :)

To protect my gold locks does Frank Stevenson wear a hat? Hell NO! You got to do-rag that mother-fu_kers! I like the ones that have little flaps on the back so when I'm running really really fast they blow behind me (it's so freakin cool!) My favorite do-rag is from A-rod's collection which you can buy at Mine is the one in pink.


So I think we have everything right? WRONG!!!!! When your sweating and you need dry hands you need to some sweat bands dog!

That's when I turn to my girlfriend AVRIL: GIRL POWER!!! When I'm done listening to some Tupac I usually end my run or work-out or rugby match with a little Avril to keep the testosterone and adrenaline pumping. You can purchase these wrist sweat bands at any Avril concert.


Last but not least I got to be protecting those eyes. You can't catch a football or hit a baseball with sun in your eyes now can you? And the black marker stuff placed under my eyes just don't work with my pretty blue eyes. Last year for Christmas, my wife bought me the best sports sunglasses EVER! POLICE! by David Sexyman.

Police beckham

So there you have it. Now you can NOT only play like Frank Steveson but you can also DRESS like him too! Dress for Success? or Dress to WIN!!!!!!

I am not a paid endorser of any of these products. They are simply Frank Stevenson's favorite things- like Oprah!

You're welcome.

PS- don't forget to wear a brace for each body joint :)


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