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You Feel Frustrate About Your Golf Lessons-Relax-It Is Just A Game

You have taken many courses, but it is still not working. You are so frustrated and you want to show your total disappointment. If you believe that mechanical analysis and hard work is the only answer, you’re going to be angry forever. You don’t want to become a professional; you simply don’t have to putt all theses efforts for playing golf. You don’t spare time working on swing problems, so learn an easy way to relax on the fairway.

Do you realize that if you play 95 on a normal course, you only miss about 22 shots! Players have bad habits to calculate the bad shots instead of the good ones. Of course when you think about it, any eccentric golfers would say that 95 is a bad game. No, if you play 5-10 games per year, which is the average of over 95% of all the golfers! Some average more than 120 per game. To break 100 is the most important preoccupation of most amateurs golfers, because they feel humiliate when they finish playing. Plus if you are always on the same fairway every day, you will simply never remove your frustration for the rest of your life.

An easy trick is to use your brain. Don’t think about the previous course, even if you play on the same, the day after. However think about your last score and putt it in your head, to reduce only one shot from your last game. In this case 94 would be your objective. If you play 5-10 games per year, do you know at the end of the season, you could lower your handicap by 10? The next game, if you failed, asked yourself where you missed the most shots on the course. Is it on the tee off, fairway, green, sand, or even in the woods? Re-enforce your mental, every time you miss your shot on a specific spot, where you previously missed by saying “this time you’re not going to catch me twice”. Now here, don’t think about your swing mistake, because you will even be more frustrate if you miss it again. Just think about that spot, as if it would be an opponent and this time, enter this zone like a winner, and tell yourself “you don’t scare me anymore”, as if you were talking to a player, and hit your shot as soon as possible, when your turn comes. It works and will increase your mental. If is the very first time,you play this game, and end up with a 144 score, just tell yourself that you had 2 games for the price of 1 and laugh about it, because you are not getting paid for.

You will surprise, how you will add up confidence and trust in this sport.

Have a nice game. Robert

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