I have not been as hard on Ned Yost as most but now it's time this team starts performing. The underachieving needs to stop. The Brewers are far too talented to be 16-18. Six straight losses, and two straight sweeps is unacceptable.

Tonight begins a seven game home stand for the Brewers. The first series is with division leading St. Louis, followed by a three game series with the Dodgers. These two series are crucial for the team and Ned Yost. If the Brewers are swept by the Cardinals I find it hard to believe Yost will still be the manager when that series ends. The Brewers need a winning home stand and that starts with scoring more runs. The lineup has been abysmal lately and I have a few ideas on how to fix it. What this lineup is lacking is people who get on base. Right now most of the teams approach is head to plate and try to hit a home run but what is happening is they are striking out. Here is a lineup I've come up with.

1. Corey Hart 2. Jason Kendall 3. Ryan Braun 4. Prince Fielder 5. Bill Hall 6. Mike Cameron 7. J.J. Hardy 8. Pitcher 9. Rickie Weeks

Corey Hart would make a great lead off hitter. Weeks is almost too selective at the plate. He's drawing walks but is hitting .188. Weeks has shown decent pop however as he's hit 5 home runs. Moving Weeks down would benefit his approach. Corey Hart is hitting .295 with a .360 on base percentage and 4 stolen bases. He's the best option to hit lead off right now. Moving Jason Kendall to 2nd in the lineup would also be beneficial considering his .361 on base percentage. Right now Mike Cameron has an on base percentage of .302. Weeks' .316 OBP and Cameron's .302 OBP don't cut it batting 1 and 2.

The bottom line is changes need to be made. The same lineup can't be sent out there everyday and be expected to kick things into gear. This team is struggling. It's not time to put up or shut up, for Ned Yost it's time to put up or pack up.

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