After seeing photo of AL umpire Brian O'Nora bleeding after being hit by a shattered piece of a bat maybe major league baseball will finally do something to stop the use of these bats. I know any bat is capable of splintering and hurting someone but this season it is unusual if a maple bat doesn't break during a game. They need to ban the maple bats altogether or institute more stringent regulations on how these bats are made.

The image of blood streaming down the face of O'Nora may finally force major league baseball to address this situation immediately instead of a meeting after the season is over. There have been some close calls already this year with parts of bats flying toward the pitcher's mound and toward the infielder's. I don't know if maple bats are capable of hitting a ball further than a ash bat but the safety of the players and umpires is even more important than someone getting a few more homers if they do indeed help balls go further.

The story below tells more about the incident with O'Nora and the photo shows the seriousness of the situation.

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