Hawaii couldn't do it. New England couldn't do it either. Move over, boys, you've got company. The Memphis Tigers are no longer kings of the mountain in the Volunteer State. The men in orange from east Tennessee came west and tamed a bunch of Tigers that could not keep up with their SEC kin. 66-62 was the final and now the rest of college basketball can somewhat breathe a little easier. David has kicked Goliath in the man region and Vol nation couldn't be happier. Number one ranked Memphis has the blues and is no longer unbeaten. Not even Elvis could save them. UCLA and Indiana can now rest easy.

The thing that did Memphis in wasn't just free throw shooting (they shot .471 from the line, 8-15) but they blew a one point lead at the intermission. I would hate to be in on the Memphis film session Sunday. John Calipari's blood is probably boiling right now.

Bruce Pearl could run for mayor of Knoxville tonight. Given what his #2 ranked team just did tonight, he might win. In an orange landslide. I wouldn't be suprised if these two were to meet again in the NCAA Tournament. You can even bet your blue suede shoes on that.

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