According to his own website, Tiger Woods will undergo another knee surgery. This time it is the big one. Tiger Woods will undergo ACL reconstruction surgery that will keep him out for the rest of the 2008 PGA Season. In addition to the ACL repair Tiger will also be resting and healing a stress fracture in his Tibia. Apparently he knew of the stress fracture before entering the U.S. Open and chose to play through it.

Knowingly playing through a double stress fracture in his leg, and gutting it out for 5 days of golf is borderline insane. It also grows the legend that is Tiger Woods that much more. He played the U.S. Open on a broken leg and won. Maybe his father was right in those commercials that were airing over the weekend. There is not a person more mentally tough than Tiger. To be able to withstand the pain of a torn ACL and a broken leg and walk for 90 plus holes is amazing.

Don't think it's that impressive because it's only golf? Look at this way, the pitcher from the Yankees Wang, sprained his foot running the bases and will be done to at least September. Woods, played in the biggest event of the year with his injury.

Simply amazing.

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