Simply The Best


When you think of the best in there game names that come up are Micheal Jordan, Wayne Gretezky and Tiger Woods. But since the first two are retired gentlemen, lets talk about Tiger a little…if you dont mind. In the past month there has been non stop talk about Tiger and he has not even played a stroke yet, anywhere! Woods was lauded by some for his comments back at Golfweek and the anchor that made the comment. And I think the people who are blowing this out of porportion should shut it! Because if Tiger says that he has forgot about and its old news then everyone else should forget about and try and move on with there lives. I no that it will be really tough for some people because they are lame and have no lives but lets start talking about actual golf.

Tiger will begin his three-time title defense at the Buick Invitational in La Jolla, Calif. Now thats something to talk about…he is the best in the game and there is no one that is even going to challenge him. Lets look at some things that have happened in the past couple years. So some people think that Phil is gaining ground now Tiger hell no…In every single major last year Tiger either won it or was in the final pairing on Sunday. Now can Phil say that I think not! Another little thing that Tiger has that no other golfer has is that he is all JAKKED UP! Next time you watch him play take a look at his biceps, they are huge. He is in good enough shape to play in the NFL! After you look at how jakked he is take a look at his playing partner and see how fat and over weight that guy is.

Tiger will not lose his number 1 player in the world seeding this year and he will win at least 2 majors…at least The Masters and The British Open…and you can bet a lot of money that he will be in the running at the US and The PGA! A little side note about Tiger, he is the first professional athelete that if I had the oppourtunity to meet I would! He just seems like a nice solid dude…and I am sure that he would be a good time to party with! BELIEVE IT!!

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