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It's not news that Tiger Woods won the Accenture Match Play Championship yesterday. Nor is it big news that he won 8- and- 7 over Cink in a 36 hole match up, the biggest victory margin in this events history. It wasn't even big news that this is his 63rd tour victory, that he just passed Arnold Palmer in total tour wins, and that he is closing in on Ben Hogan (who has 64 tour wins). It isn't even news that he has won $96.3 million on tour, $78.8 million being money earned while on tour, and that he has the hottest wife I have ever seen.

I don't even think it's big news that Tiger thinks he can win the Grand Slam this year; nobody has won all the majors in the same year (Tiger held them all at one time but by winning the 2001 Masters, the 2000 United States Open, the 2000 British Open and the 2000 P.G.A. Championship.

I don't think it's big news that he has won the last 4 consecutive wins on tour, 6th straight world wide, nor that he is once again chasing the long held 11 wins in a row title of Byron Nelson (March 11, 1945- Aug 4, 1945)

What I do think is news is that people are now talking about the "perfect season". That in some crazy way Tiger is going to win EVERY tournament he plays in this year. That's ridiculous......... is it?

What if by some crazy way Tiger does actually complete this task. To me that's way way way greater of an accomplishment than a perfect season in football, a perfect no-hitter in baseball, a .......... well I don't know what it would compare to.

Is this just insane talk? To me this would be like a baseball team winning EVERY game in the season. Or hockey, or basketball. EVERY single game of the season. And those are team sports.

Hell, to me it's just a matter of time until Tiger loses and the world will be a normal place again...... but seriously, Tiger has dominated in every tournament so far, and experts say he's never looked better.

We will just have to wait. But what if! What if Tiger actually wins the 20 something tournaments he has entered this year (and wins all 4 majors).

What does this compare to? I have no idea.... but man, "what if"?

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