Mike Tice became the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings for the final game of the 2001 season, and then remained the coach, mostly because he was a cheap coach. In 2005, Tice was the lowest paid coach in the NFL and finished his Vikings career with a 32-33 overall record, and a 1-1 record in the playoffs. As many people know, he was unfairly fired, during the final game of the 2005 season against the Chicago Bears.

When Cam Cameron was fired as the Dolphins coach, many rumored coaches were mentioned as possibilities. Tony Sparano, Maurice Carthon and Jason Garrett, former Cowboys or Parcells boys, and Mike Tice. Both Tice and Parcells are Brooklyn born, and Tice formed a friendship with Parcells during his time in Minnesota, when he made Parcells his mentor.

I think of all the candidates, Tice is the one who is most deserving.

Tice’s Resume:

In his time in Minnesota the records looked like this:

2002: 6-10

2003: 9-7

2004: 8-8

2005: 9-7

The Payrolls were this:

2002: 45.5 Million (Lowest in NFL)

2003: 85.7 Million (3rd highest)

2004: 92.4 Million (8th highest)

2005: 85.4 Million (9th highest)

In Tice’s tenure the Vikings drafted these notable players: OT Bryant McKinnie, CB Brian Williams, DL Kevin Williams, LB E.J. Henderson, WR Nate Burleson, DL Kenechi Udeze, LB Dontarrious Thomas, RB Mewelde Moore, WR Troy Williamson, DL Erasmus James

Tice’s teams also finished in 2nd Place of the NFC North every year, missing out a Championship in 2003, after a loss to the Cardinals.

The Vikings also made sure to give Tice a low paid staff.

Yes, Tice did scalp his Super Bowl Tickets, and was delivered a hefty fine for that. I don’t think you can blame him for the Love Boat scandal.

Miami…Give Him a Chance

Don't Blog That: That was Wayne Gretsky looking at Darth Vader costumes at Twin Cities Magic in downtown St. Paul hours before the Coyote/Wild Game.

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