Girl Friend Gisele Bundchen's Idea Reveals Savvy Instincts

New York - Bowing to intense pressure from a potential audience of 65 million female Super Bowl viewers , CBS will unveil its new Tommy-Cam during the telecast. The hi-def camera will provide unprecedented, even intimate, coverage of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, before, during and after the game.   The idea was initiated by the quarterback’s girl friend, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who was reportedly irritated by the commercial endorsements and attention Giants quarterback Eli Manning has received.   “Unlike Mr. Manning, my Tommy is a shy, humble man,” said Bundchen, in full protective mode. “I told him not to hide his light under a basket. I certainly don’t and that’s served me well, thank you very much.”   “Not to be crass about it,” said CBS CEO and President Les Moonves, barely able to hide his glee that Brady had agreed to be outfitted with the Tommy-Cam, “but chicks dig Tom Brady. We’re going to be able our offer viewers – and, of course, our advertisers – the ultimate Brady experience. To quote my kids, ‘This is way sweet.’”   It wasn’t long after the Tommy-Cam announcement, that the media began dubbing Super Bowl XXLII, the “ Girly Bowl.”   At $2.4 million for a 30-second spot, Super Bowl XLII was all ready the priciest ad buy in television advertising history. With the advent of the Tommy-Cam, one advertising veteran, who spoke on condition of anonymity, predicted that CBS could conceivably jack up the ad rates to over $4 million a spot. “45% of he game’s audience will be women,” the source said, “we’re talking 60, 70 million women. And they’re going to be able ogle sports’ ultimate hunk for 4-5 hours straight. It’s the impossible dream come true for CBS.”

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