Well  Here we go  again. First off,  I didn't write or have anything to say last season

after the WVU PITT Game. Had a lot of pride  to  swallow  and it  was  tough  going  down.

I will say this and I will only say it once. Good job PITT you completely blind sided us and

deserved that win, but I also believe that it did us more good  than harm  coming  into  this

season.   To  quote  Japanese  Admiral  Isoroku Yamamoto  after  the  bombing  of  Pearl

Harbor "I Think we just Awoken a sleeping tiger" Just ask a Oklahoma Fan what happened

in their bowl game last year.

          With  that other so called  WVU  Head Coach gone,  I  believe  Coach  Stew  brings

something new  to  the  field  this year.  That is Love for  Mountaineer football  and Heart for

the game. He also kept Jeff Casteel around to run  our  defense  and with Explosive players

like  Pat White  and  Noel Devine  WVU  Football is ready for another  great season.   With

two nonconference games,  Auburn and Colorado on the schedule will make for some very

exciting football.

          And one final note.  How they manage to get Pitt and South Fla.  the last two games

of the season?  Watch out It's Payback Time.  South Fla game might even be a conference

Championship Game... WooooHoooo I'm more excited than a nursing baby in a topless bar.

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