There is that old saying that goes, "Those who don't honor the past are doomed to repeat it." However, for the Giants to have a chance on Sunday they need to remember the past and bring it to the game. Specifically they need to remember the game plan from Super Bowl XXV against the Bills, because they almost need to follow it to the letter in order to win.

Let Maroney Run Wild

In 1990, when the Giants made their way to Tampa to play the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl, then defensive coordinator Bill Belichick had a radical idea. He wrote into the game plan to allow Thurman Thomas to run for over 100 yards. At first, the players wanted to lynch him. How could they "allow" a guy to run for over 100 yards. But then the genius dawned on them, this would give the offense a false sense of security, if the running game is working, that will allow the passing game to work as well. Then, they clamped down on the Bills receivers, not allowing yards after the catch, and the Giants ended up winning the game. And Lawrence Maroney is hardly Thurman Thomas. If they allow Maroney the room to run, this will give Brady a false sense of security with his receivers. Which goes to the second part of the plan.

Tackle, Tackle, Tackle

If Maroney is allowed to run wild, Brady will appear to have openings in the passing game. Welker, Moss, and co. will have their chance to make some catches. The key is what happens after the catch. If the defense can keep the yards after the catch to a minimum, then the drives by Brady will take a long time as well. The object is to keep the explosiveness down, and if the drives are taking 10 minutes a piece, Brady will not be able to put up 40 points. The Giants best chance here is to keep the Pats under 30 points, and to make the Patriots take a long time to get down the field is the best way to do this.

Operation Slowdown

Tom Coughlin was on the offensive staff of the Giants for that Super Bowl against the Bills. During that game the Giants had the ball for 42 out of the 60 minutes in the game, including a now legendary drive to open the second half that nearly took the entire quarter. If Brady is not on the field he can't put up 50 points. Keep Brady and his ankle on the sidelines and you will have a chance to win the game.

Honor the past,and a Super Bowl championship is possible.

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