Javon Walker

Didn't this guy want out of Green Bay a while ago.

Guess who wants back in Green Bay? Mr. Javon Walker. Yes, this is the same Javon Walker who wanted out of Green Bay because the Packers refused to renegotiate his contract following the 2005 season in which he missed most of the year due to injury. The Packers gave him his wish and subsequently traded him to the Denver Broncos during the 2006 NFL draft.

After two lackluster and injury plagued seasons for the Broncos, Walker now wants out of Denver as well. During a postseason interview Walker said that the Broncos were not the right fit for him anymore.

“Green Bay made me who I was for a team like (the Broncos) to want to bring me here,” Walker is quoted as saying in an interview. “So, maybe it takes a team like that to go back.”

Sorry, Javon but the Packers really don’t need an injury plagued receiver with an enormous salary. Green Bay also has one of the top wide receiving groups in the entire league with Pro Bowler Donald Driver, touchdown machine Greg Jennings, and sure handed rookie James Jones. Maybe, Javon Walker needs to put more thought into demanding trades.

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