I wanted to improve the day pages on AGM, e.g. February 14 for the This Day in Sports History section, which has a lot of blue links, but with nothing really substantial. I thought the easiest way to do that would be for AGM users to take it in turns to describe an event on a certain day, or show a video of an event. Then add the event you describe to the day page, and voila, you get article points and improve the encyclopedia all at the same time! You can even add it to the yearly equivalent. Since it was my idea, I thought I'd show you how it's done!

February 14, 1976, was the day of the Fifth Round of the FA Cup in England. Chelsea FC of the old First Division, the equivalent of the modern day Premier League, were at home to Crystal Palace, a side from the Third Division.

This video, between 3:35 and 6:19ish shows how Palace produced one of the all-time great FA Cup upsets.

If you can find anything else from today, please comment!

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