With a new college football season upon us, Ohio state and their national championship loses are still the talk of the nation. Even though Ohio State has only lost 3 regular season games in three seasons, they are still said to be over rated.  The Buckeyes offically have the bullseye on their back. Year in year out ohio state is among the best in the nation. Can they ever earn the respect they deserve? So this 2008 season is as important as any Ohio State season in recent history. Knowing that they cannot lose a game and still get to a National Championship game gives an added effect to the team and their fans. Another added effect for Columbus is Terrelle Pryor. The prized two sport recruit can only add to the potent offense for the Buckeyes. WIth his 6'6 size and 4.4 speed  he is a huge threat to any team. Can Tressel utilize him in a way that can make this season a successful one? When recruiting pryor, Tressel said he would have a system ready for him upon his arrival in Columbus for camp. Can a two quarterback system be successful? We all saw the success of florida in 2005, Especially against the buckeyes. But can Pryor walk into the Collisium and take a simple snap from center? That is yet to be seen,  but if he gets over the freshman jitters early against a youngstown st. or Ohio University watch out USC. Pryor has a lot of work to do and so does the team. Finally having a healthy Chris " Beanie" Wells, can help The Ohio State Buckeyes close the season unlike they have done the last two years. So can the Buckeyes make the third time a charm?

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