I just watched the MLB Networks hot stove show and Trevor Hoffman was brought up. Basically the panel, consisting of Al Leiter, Harold Reynolds, Tom Verducci, and whoever the host is. They were talking about how his "stuff has diminished" and he "has lost Zip on his fastball" and "lost seperation" Huh? Really? I just find all this odd because well. In 2008 Hoffman

1-Posted a K/9 over 9 and was also his highest mark since 2003

2-posted the third best K/BB ratio of his career and amongst RP with at least 40IP was good for 6th best

3-He had a higher average fastball velocity then any other season dating back to 2005.

4-He had the exact same difference between his change and fastball as years past.

So again I ask, these guys are experts?

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