So the number 11 is having quite a time of it lately. Before this season, it was quite an elusive number. And I thought One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do.

First, the Steelers defeated the Chargers 11-10, registering the only 11-10 game in the 87-year history of the NFL.

Then the Eagles defeated the Giants 23-11 in their NFC Divisional game yesterday, notching the only 23-11 game in NFL history.

Yes, good old 11 - it's a fine number. It takes 11 players to field a football team. When I was growing up, my house number was 11. My current house number is a multiple of 11.

Pat Haden, Joe Kapp and Phil Simms wore 11. So did Luis Aparicio, Carl Hubbell, Jim Fregosi, Paul Waner, Sixto Lezcano, Lenn Sakata and Joe Garagiola.

And, of course, being 11 - it's the loudest number in the universe as well.

One loss. One win. Now all we need is an 11-11 game to make the number 11 the sporting world's preeminent prime number and restore the proper balance to the universe.

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