Picture this if you will…Life long fan of a favorite team, growing up through the ankle biting years in the shadows of the venue in which this team played their home games. Having the luxury and ability just to be in walking distance to take in a game. For anyone of us this wet dreams couldn’t get wetter, but wait, it does! How about when one grows older and the team decides to move their operations from the shithole what was known as The Vet to their new digs of The Linc…Having the opportunity of a lifetime. To fill out an application to work at the Philadelphia Eagles new home. Just filling out an application is a dream in itself, but to actually get hired…Like I mentioned, the wet dream gets better!

And so it did and how it went for Eagles lifelong fan Dan Leone. Yes, we all wish we could be like Dan. Working for one of your favorite sports teams, in any capacity must be a thrill of a lifetime…Why, any sexual activities can’t hold a jock strap to it! Who cares is this do was west gate chief, (whatever the hell that means)…Running around on game day like a crack head going through withdraws! Like all wet dreams though, at some point it’s time to wake up realizing you’re all alone and you’re all wet. And so did Dan last week courtesy of some spits and spats he spit regarding Brian Dawkins becoming a Bronco over on Facebook in a vent session last week. So yes, in essence, you got it DL got the ax over comments he made in a public forum…A public forum such as this one right here, (although that forum comes with "friends"). Damn, love the American Dream…A country where we have free speech, one actually gets fired over it. Nice…Real nice! God bless the U.S.A.!

It’s not like Dan was any high powered brass of the Eagles…He was "west gate chief". Not quite as low as the janitor, but still. To get fired over a comment like this…"Dan is [expletive] devastated about Dawkins signing with Denver. . .Dam Eagles R Retarted!!", are you fukcing serious? I mean, really now! In a city where sports fans are notoriously outspoken…Having formulated far worse things to come out of their pieholes, he gets axed from his "seasonal gameday employee" status. "Seasonal gameday employee", is what the only thing the Eagle said about this situation. Can anyone tell me what the hell does that mean? So if that’s the case, why not fire Donovan McNabb or any other Eagle player who makes "inappropriate" five-year comments regarding the organization…Every football player falls under that "seasonal gameday employee" tag! It’s called all of fall and early winter! Referencing to McNabb for a second, how come no actions were taking when dear old mom speaks out? She has a tendency of having loose lizard lips from time to time…Gee, I wonder where sonny boy gets it from?

Anyway, who knew that there was ever a "west gate chief code" which must specifically say there will be no second grader bad mouthing over on Facebook…If so, two days later, the team's guest services manager will blow your celly up and fire your ass over the phone…In a conversation that will last less than 10 minutes, (the time it takes Andy Reid to run the 100). Don’t bother apologizing…Saying you worked there for six years…doing whatever they asked. Only missing one Eagles game the entire time of employment! Doesn’t matter if it was a dream to work for the Eagles and that Facebook would never be visited again. Might as well save your breath and quit contributing to global warming. It doesn’t matter… If you want some French cries, go visit the fukcing Golden Arches Dan! Don’t visit a bitch dubbed Rachel Vitagliano! An un-professional bitch who doesn’t operate under the proper ethics of firing a person face to face…Rather choosing the fukcing telemarketer route instead and saying to him he couldn't be trusted, that the post made the team look bad, and that the only way to resolve the situation was to fire him.

"Dam Eagles R Retarded!!"…Yeah, I can certainly see where there’d be a lack of trust in what resembles a damn text message! Sure can! That’s top secret team information that doesn’t need to fall into the wrong hands if it ever got out into public! I get organizations taking positions on things, but this? This is so fukcing petty! And why the Eagles would elect to take a bold position on such a petty thing….It's such a senseless position to take!

So what have we learned? That freedom of speech and expression are dear in this Country. That the Eagles don't care about people who work for them...Whether they are players or "game day" employees and middle age guys shouldn't be doing ANYTHING on Facebook . I wonder who's in charge of scanning the facebook of all their employees?? Another joke for this organization. Keep booing Santa Claus though!

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