From All on the Field sports blog:

When microphones and tape recorders are constantly shoved in your face and under your chin, it's tough to avoid occasionally sticking your foot in your mouth.

If anyone would know about media scrutiny, it's Alex Rodriguez. So Rodriguez should know that when you're asked a difficult question, you dodge it: not overtly, but by using a lot of words and subtly changing the subject or the tone of the conversation.

And A-Rod should certainly know that you never volunteer anything that could incriminate you. When asked the obligatory questions about steroids in baseball and the alleged use by Roger Clemens, Rodriguez managed to violate just about every one of the keys to an effective interview.

“Last year, I got tested 9 to 10 times,” he said. “We have a very, very strict policy, and I think the game is making tremendous strides.”

You what? As the New York Times story points out, 9-10 tests could be an indicator of positive tests; most players are only tested twice and additional tests are typically reserved for those who failed initial tests.

Fortunately, Rodriguez has a media relations director looking out for him, as he later explained that his initial statement was a matter of hyperbole. It was really 7-10 tests, he said.

Hmmmm. Looks like that foot is still pretty much lodged in there.

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