The nominees for the first class to get elected to the NASCAR Hall of Fame has been announced, and as with most everything NASCAR it is too big, the process for election is too convoluted and as with everything NASCAR the fans are not adequately represented.

It seems that most hard core, old school NASCAR fans would simply elect three people as the first Hall class. Those three people of course would be Big Bill France, King Richard Petty, and Dale Earnhardt Sr.

There is a lot of talk about electing the guys who made NASCAR what it is today, and it seems that these three men are the most responsible for the history of NASCAR. Sometimes smaller is better.

There are fifty members of the NASCAR Hall of Fame nominating committee. These folks along with a fan vote will eventually elect the first and successive NASCAR Hall classes. Why so many? No one put NASCAR officials know. It seems that NASCAR should have a nominating committee and then the folks who make up the NASCA media should get to vote, much as they do in Major League Baseball. In addition to this a veteran board of drivers should be assembled to elect those worth that failed the media vote. Again much as MLB does.

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