Well i just watched a VERY small portion of whatever show Skip Bayless is on, for some reason, it eludes me and I just watched it, but I digress, Skip makes me believe he is the anti-Christ. They were talking about McFadden's 105 rushing yards in the loss in the Cotton Bowl and the topic of AD came up. Here's the funny part, Skip believes AD is nothing more than a 3 year back in the NFL. A three year back! That's a laugh Skip, where do you get your information at? Just because Peterson hasn't played a full season in college and missed a WHOPPING 2 games in his first season. Here's AD's stats for his first season.

Rushing Yards: 1,341 Attempts: 238 Games played: 14 Games Started: 9 YPC: 5.6 RTDs: 12 Fumbles: 4

Note something, 1,341 yards in only NINE starts. Let's just assume that he started only 9 games, the first 9 games. Nothing else matters right now. He would have 149 Yards per game. So keeping at that average, had he started 14 games(he missed 2 with injury), he would have 2086 Rushing yards on 364 attempts. I did the same for attempts as I did yards. A 5.7 yards per carry average and 18 TDs in 14 games. He would have won the Rushing title, Offensive Rookie of the year and would have been in the running for MVP and would have broken Eric Dickerson's rookie rushing record of 1,808 yards. So Skip bayless, you may want to start looking at some stats and at the players abilities, not his past injuries. We all know Fred Taylor has always been injured but he eclipsed 10,000 yards and is a proven playmaker regardless of his injury concerns. AD will eventually become an elite running back in this league as long as he keeps himself in shape and keeps up a good work ethic. Skip, if I have to hear your pen hit that table one more time, I'm gonna flip.

Have a nice day.

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