With the New York Yankees sweeping the Boston Red Sox and now having the best record in Major League Baseball; I believe it's safe to say the Yankees will win the AL East. They have a 5.5 game lead with the Red Sox being the closest.

The Red Sox only hope is the Wild Card and some believe those chances are slim. After getting swept by the Yankees in four games, their confidence has been thrown at the window.

The Red Sox are 63-48 and they haven't been the same since the All-Star game. Outfielder Jason Bay has been suffering injury problems and designated hitter David Ortiz has a head full of controversy. Ortiz was really smart to have a press conference in the middle of a "butt whooping" by the Yankees.

The Yankees are rolling, with the pitching staff and line-up producing. Not doing anything at the trade deadline didn’t hurt them at all, but nothing was needed. Pitcher, Jarrod Washburn could have helped, but the Detroit Tigers stole him like a high school girlfriend.

The AL East belongs to the Yankees. The last 10 games, the Yankees are 7-3 and the Red Sox are 4-6.

If the Yankees keep  playing this way, going back to the World Series is more possible than any other team in the AL.

Their only problem is the Los Angeles Angels. The Angles are 66-44 with the AL West lead and their four games up. The Angels have owned the Yankees in recent history.

Besides the Angels, the Yankees have an almost clear shot at the World Series.

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