You hear them on TV everyday, he should've had that one, he caught it with those hands, it's those same boring statements over and over again. Well I'm here to give you some famous sports terms and quotes, and why they are the sultan of suck.

"You have to make a football move"

There is no clear definition of a "football move", but it's usually heard when a receiver catches the ball, then drops it, and then the discussion of a catch and fumble or an incomplete pass occurs. That is a very bad term. Not because we don't know it, but a "football move" in the sport of....American Football? What's he supposed to do? Bounce the ball along the turf, turnaround and shoot? Therefore, it's a "basketball move" he made? Very much redundant.

"He'd like to have that one back"

When an announcer says that, it means that a player in any sport fails to make an easy play, like in football you drop a game winning touchdown pass and no one is within 5 yards of you. Again, there is no point in saying that. Why you ask? It's basically stating the obvious. Not too many (straight thinking, non-gambling) athletes are going to say "Yes, I dropped it! I lost the game!".

"He catches the ball with his hands"

I really don't have much of an explanation for this other than an announcer stating the obvious yet again. Unless you're this [ guy at the 1:01 mark] , what else are you going to catch the football with? I've watched football for many years, don't remember any notable football being squeezed by the ass cheeks of a lineman. Even when the ball hits your chest, what do you trap the ball with? YOUR HANDS!!!

"They are a very good team"

That's BS talk that is commonly used by a guy who has the initials BB. In examples of when one team is 8-6, and another team is 3-11, saying something like "The Jets are the best 3-11 team I've ever seen", is just roughly translated into "Play nice to the media, we don't want to embarrass ourselves, then game time, we'll kick that candy ass team into outer space".

And finally....

"What went through your mind?"

In all sports, some clueless sideline reporter asks something totally stupid like "You kicked the winning penalty, you've won the World Cup, what is going through your mind right now?", these athletes must quit coming up with honest answers. If I'm put in that situation, I'd say something like

  • I'm going to get booty all night long
  • I can't wait to have some fried chicken
  • Take a WILD friggin guess.
  • I was hoping I'd miss it, I kinda felt sorry for the other team, I didn't want to win anyway.
  • Nothing goes through my mind Holly, it reaches my mind, and then my mind traps it so it can never leave

Isn't that fun? This has been a look at some of the world's worst sports terms and cliches.

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