Perfection. Its a term rarely used in sports. Where a team dominates everygame. Game in and game out. Teams have flirted with it over the years. The Patriots "almost" 2 years ago,Memphis last year and even the Cavaliers home record this season. But no team has had a season like this years Uconn womens basketball team. Now 33-0 after winning the Big East tournament a 39 point thrashing of Louisville. An impressive feat considering how every day brings a new team with different abilities and strenghts. Yet they still beat opponents by an average of 31.8 points. With the tournament upcomming will any team be able to compete with them. Not only does there offense lead in scoring (85.1) and margin of victory (31.8), they are also second second in field goal percentage (33.2). But like coach Geno Auriemma said,"In the NCAA tournament you only have to play bad one night". With the way this team has played all season though, there the obvious favorites to win it. And surely make history.

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