MIAMI -- Atlanta Braves' manager Bobby Cox was given a one game suspension for what Major League Baseball deemed "inappropriate conduct and comments," after being ejected from Sunday's 15-6 loss the Washington Nationals. Cox will serve that suspension as the Braves play the Florida Marlins on Tuesday.

Homeplate umpire Chris Guccione ejected Cox from the game for arguing balls and strikes in the third inning. Guccione was walking toward the mound and appeared to be waving his finger at Braves reliever Buddy Carlyle, who was clearly upset with a ball four call, when Cox came out to plead his case.

Cox was immediately ejected, but stayed on the field for nearly two minutes to address Guccione. The Atlanta manager left the field but did not depart from the dugout until Guccione stopped play a second time and ordered him to leave.

Braves bench coach Chino Cadahia will serve as the acting manager against Florida on Tuesday.

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