This is like the 89347893247932742th Article on the super bowl, but I needed to write something. Since I have only been watching football as of late, I'll write this, enjoy.

As most should know, I'm a die hard Eagles fan. I remember the Ray Rhodes and Rich Kotite days. I remember and love/hate most of the Andy Reid days. I've grown to hate the Giants and Redskins but LOATHE the Cowboys. I remember Randall Cunningham to Fred Barnett and Calvin Williams. I remember Bobby Hoying and Ty Detmer. Now that I've defended my Eagles love I have this to say:

Let's go Giants!

That's right I said it. Let's go Giants. Why you ask? I am tired of the patriots and their pursuit of Perfection. I want it all to end, on the big show. I want Eli Manning to tear through those overrated LBs and I want Brandon Jacobs to run down Rodney Harrison's throat. This week, I will be rooting for Eli instead of wishing for him to play like the Eli of old. I want to see Kevin Boss, Plaxico Burress, and Amani Toomer completely show how overrated that defense is. I am anxious to see Usi and Strahan and Tuck completely demolish that Offensive Line. Tom Brady will be on his back more than his girlfriend when they're alone.

I like the Giants in this one, they have a great Head Coach (whoever says otherwise might want to look at what Tom did for Barber and is doing for Bradshaw and Jacobs and Eli). They have a great find in Spangulo, my ex-Eagles LB coach. Their defense scheme seems to be working to each players strengths. I'm hoping and praying for a Giants win. Sure I'll never live it down from Simms1156, or DNL, but I can't stand having to hear Boston fans anymore. It's tiresome. No, this is not jealousy, far from it. This is down right loathing of the Pats because I'm tired of hearing about them.

Go Giants!

Prediction: Giants 27 Patriots 17

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