This might sound crazy, but here it goes. Since the Saints, Colts, and the Vikings all play indoors and the New York Jets play outside, and the fact that the Super Bowl this year is being played in Miami (out doors), then I have to say that the Jets have an edge and a better chance of winning the Super Bowl. The problem with this is that they have to defeat the Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium for this to happen.

The Jets were not supposed to have won against San Diego, but they did.

I give the edge to the Colts to make it to the Super Bowl. By the way, the last time the Jets played the Colts in a Championship game was back in 1969, in which the Jets won their only Super Bowl.

In the NFC you have the Vikings, who have never won a Super Bowl, but the franchise has been there four times. The Saints are the only team that has never been there, and this will be their first if they defeat Minnesota. This will be their second NFC Championship game; the last one was against the Chicago Bears in 2006.

Who do I like? Well, that's hard. I would love to see the Colts against the Saints. We will know after Sunday.

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