Welcome to Week 5. As I was walking into work this morning I noticed there’s a Ferris Wheel sitting in the middle of the greenway on Atlantic Ave. It’s probably the most random thing I’ve ever seen. It’s about 20ft high, has 10 or so dual seating compartments and looks to be about as much as fun as being a Cubs fan at Wrigley last night. I don’t know if the guy running this thing was on his way to a carnival, got lost and figured he’d just set up shop here and make some money, but I’m intrigued to see if anyone trusts to get on it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a homeless guy sitting on a crate pedaling for change in his Dunkin Donuts cup while hits the “Stop” and “Go” button.

By the way, was I the only one that didn’t watch the VP debate last night? I got all jacked up for another episode of The Office before realizing the debate basically took over basic television last night. Thankfully there was nothing on before 9 and 10pm, so I watched Unfaithful on Lifetime. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. Richard Gere kills some stud for banging his wife. Great theatre.

Onto the picks. For Random Rob, I threw darts again. If it landed on a white area, “Home team.” If it landed on a black area, “Away team.”

In the words of Mike Goldberg…And here we go!

Keefe’s picks

Last week: 5-8, overall 31-29

Lions +3.5 over Bears

Lions aren’t good, but a home dog?  They lose by a FG, and I still win.  Come on Calvin Johnson! 

Packers -7.5 over Falcons

How about Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan having the same number of starts in the NFL?  The two young Q’s go head to head, but how healthy will Rodgers be?  The alternative of Matt Flynn and Brian Brohm is about as promising as Matt Cassel and Kevin O’Connell… wait. 

Chargers -6.5 over Dolphins

How many times does Ronnie Brown lineup at Q? 

Giants -7.5 over Seahawks

Seattle got some receivers last week, but it won’t matter against New York.  I hate Eli Manning and the Giants more than any other player/ team, but I can’t pick the Seahawks here.  A rare both teams coming off of Byes here… No Plaxico either, maybe I should change my pick. 

Redskins +5.5 over Eagles

The spread should never be higher than 3 this year in the NFC East.  Well besides the Skins getting worked on by the Giants week 1.  It’s been a different team since.

Panthers -9.5 over Chiefs

I think the Chiefs come back down to Earth this week.  Carolina is quietly winning games and putting themselves in a great spot for the post season. 

Titans -3.5 over Ravens

Titans looking to stay undefeated with the big question on everyone’s mind.  Will Vince Young be the number 2 or number 3 QB?  Stay tuned. 

Texans +3.5 over Colts

The Colts are down this year, but coming off a Bye week.  Houston has given them trouble even when they were at the top.  This is my upset special.  Enjoy. 

Broncos -3.5 over Buccaneers

We’ll see if this high powered Denver offense can get back on track this weekend.  Cutler is a great young QB with a fantastic 1-2 punch at WR, I think they bounce back in a big way.

Bills +0.5 over Cardinals

Can the Bills really go to 5-0?  I say yes. 

Patriots -3.5 over 49ers

This will be the first week the Pats score more than 20 points post Brady.  Coming off the bye week Belichick will have them ready to go.

Cowboys -15.5 over Bengals

That’s a ton of points, but who on Cincy is going to stop anyone on Dallas?  Terrell Owens puts last week behind him and has a monster game.  Marion Barber better get more than 8 carries by the way.  Will Ocho Cinco “kiss the star?”

Steelers +4.5 over Jaguars

The Jags may win but they won’t cover.  They never do.  I’m not impressed with either team having Super Bowl aspirations. 

Saints -3.5 over Vikings

Vikings always hype up their run defense.  Well Chris Johnson put in 2 TDs on the ground last week.  Deuce could still score, but Bush is more of a wideout anyway.  Advantage Saints.

Besse’s picks

Last week: 7-6, overall 32-28

Lions +3.5 over Bears

Matt Forte should have a solid game here. But the Lions at home, a new GM, and Calvin Johnson maturing into a top notch receiver right before our very eyes gives us…! Another Lions loss, by a Robbie Gould field goal late in the 4 th.

Falcons +7.5 over Packers

Whether Aaron Rodgers plays or not doesn’t even matter at this point. He won’t be healthy. The Falcons may not win the game, but they’ll make it damn close.

Chargers -6.5 over Dolphins

Ronnie Brown will come back to Earth. I’m actually predicting Ricky Williams has more all-purpose yards. But LT will probably have more all-purpose yards than the two of them combined. Chargers in a romp.

Giants -7.5 over Seahawks

Seattle gets some manpower back on the wings, and while it will help Hasselbeck deliver the goods, Eli and Co. will have just enough. I picked up Amani Toomer in a couple fantasy leagues and expect a nice game out of him in the absence of Plaxico Burress. I suggest you do the same.

Redskins +5.5 over Eagles

I agree with Rich here. I feel like every NFC East game should be decided by a field goal. Even though Springs and Taylor are out for the Redskins, I still think that offense will keep them in the game. Eagles win…wait for it…by a field goal.

Panthers -9.5 over Chiefs

I really like this Panthers team, and picked them as my sleeper for the NFC this year. A lot of weapons on offense and the defense has shut down the run. Look for more of this winning combination this week. 

Ravens +3.5 over Titans

If it wasn’t for Joe Flacco and Jarret Johnson imploding against the Steelers, the Ravens would have won that game and still been undefeated. Win or lose, this one is decided on a field goal.

Colts -3.5 over Texans

The Colts should win enough races to soundly hold off the Texans in this weekend’s track meet. Coming off a bye week, look for big production from the likes of Manning, Wayne and Clark.

Buccaneers +3.5 over Broncos

Jon Gruden is underrated as a coach. He always seem to put out competitive teams with sub par talent. Speaking of sub par, that’s what I’m hoping to be with my golf game tomorrow. I doubt it, just as much as I doubt the Broncos covering here.

Cardinals -0.5 over Bills

Buffalo flies cross country only to get hustled by the Cardinals. No way does that secondary allows 56 points in consecutive weeks, and the Bills should not be 5-0. Let’s hope the Cardinals don’t allow that travesty to occur.

Patriots -3.5 over 49ers

Week off for the Pats, so I expect Bill to walk into that stadium, have his way with the 49ers, then leave with no remorse. Kind of sounds like a rapist. Can I say that?

Bengals +15.5 over Cowboys

This could be a bloodbath if Carson Palmer doesn’t play. But I’m banking on two things: a) he does play and b) if he doesn’t play, someone, anyone, I don’t care who it is, gets Housh some touches and a TD reception. He’s been killing me in fantasy.

Steelers +4.5 over Jaguars

If the Jaguars happen to win, it’s by no more than a field goal. I think Big Ben has a nice week here and continues to get back on track. Moore should fill in fine for Willie Parker,

Saints -3.5 over Vikings

Big fan of Drew Brees. He could toss for 400 yards and a couple scores to a trio of wideouts with no hands. He’s been that good. Speaking of which, anyone watch that armless guy at the WSOP? Dude was playing with his feet. I wouldn’t want to win a pot from that guy with his feet all over those chips. “Take it down, pal, nice hand,” as I fold quad Aces.

Random Rob’s picks

Last week: 8-5, overall 37-23















Don’t forget to check out Kimbo Slice and the rest of the cast on CBS’ Saturday Night Fights with the poetic Gus Johnson at the mic. Should be a great night of fights!


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