With a short week and three games on the docket tomorrow, we wanted to make sure we got these out today. By the way, last night I joined a few former teammates over at Northeastern for the NU-BU men’s hoops game. It was being dubbed the “Battle of Boston”. NU took a 41-40 lead into the half, but the Terriers came out firing in the 2nd half and took home an 83-75 win. I have to say, although I was excited about the Catamounts in America East this year, the Terriers are the team to beat. That’s a legit squad that could give a lot of major teams some fits, especially come tournament time. They shot 15-31 from behind the 3-point line. It was ridiculous.

Anyway, after the game we went to Conor Larkin’s on campus for Tuesday Night Trivia. We got 17 of 19 correct but didn’t take home the title. However, our consolation was winning best team name and a free pitcher of Bud Light. The winning team name was “Mangini’s Magnificent Meat Curtains”. I assume the owners of the bar thought we meant Eric Mangini and thus found it humorous. However, it was not Eric we were referring to…let your mind wander where it may. Regardless, it got us the consolation victory and that much closer to being fully inebriated.

During trivia, a few sports questions came up. I’ll share them and post the answers at the end of the picks:

1) Of the five major BCS bowl games, FOX has the TV rights to all but one. Which is it?

2) Who is the only player in college football history to win the Heisman trophy twice?

3) Which NHL player holds the record for most goals scored in a season (92)?

4) Bonus question, each answer being worth a point, was: What are the four remaining undefeated teams in college football?

Onto the picks…

Keefe’s picks:

Last week: 5-11; overall: 86-90

Titans -11.5 over Lions

Cowboys -12.5 over Seahawks

Cardinals +2.5 over Eagles

Bills -6.5 over 49ers

Ravens -7.5 over Bengals

Colts -4.5 over Browns

Panthers +3.5 over Packers

Dolphins -7.5 over Rams

Saints +4.5 over Buccaneers

Redskins +3.5 over Giants

Falcons +5.5 over Chargers

Jets -7.5 over Broncos

Raiders -2.5 over Chiefs

Steelers +1.5 over Patriots

Vikings -3.5 over Bears

Texans -3.5 over Jaguars

Besse’s picks:

Last week: 11-5; overall 96-80

Titans -11.5 over Lions

Cowboys -12.5 over Seahawks

Cardinals +2.5 over Eagles

49ers +6.5 over Bills

Ravens -7.5 over Bengals

Colts -4.5 over Browns

Panthers +3.5 over Packers

Dolphins -7.5 over Rams

Saints +4.5 over Buccaneers

Redskins +3.5 over Giants

Chargers -5.5 over Falcons

Broncos +7.5 over Jets

Chiefs +2.5 over Raiders

Patriots -1.5 over Steelers

Bears +3.5 over Vikings

Texans -3.5 over Jaguars

Random Rob’s picks

Last week: 6-10; overall: 97-79

















I'm also contemplating an interesting 6-way teaser for tomorrow's games. I'm looking at the Titans -4, Titans/Lions under 51; Cowboys -6, Cowboys/Seahawks under 53.5; and the Cardinals +10, Cardinals/Eagles over 39.5. It's paying out +500 and I'd go $100 to win $500. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this.

Answers to the trivia questions:

1) Rose Bowl (ABC)

2) Archie Griffin

3) Wayne Gretzky

4) Alabama, Utah, Boise State, Ball State

Oh and by the way, remember how I hyped up Delaware’s volleyball team during last Sunday’s picks? Yea, they went ahead and beat Northeastern 3-2 to win the CAA championships. Can you say four in a row? Remember where you heard it first!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


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