* Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN) really went to town on Brian McNamee. At one point, Burton responded to one of McNamee's answers by asking "are you kidding me?" McNamee replied that he was not.

Burton made it clear that he thinks McNamee is lying. 

  • Roger Clemens' wife is sitting behind him during the hearing. She is holding a yellow flower. What is that all about? 
  • I wonder if the phrase "a palpable mass on his buttocks" has ever been spoken during a committee hearing prior to today.
  • Stephen F. Lynch (D-MA) has so far asked the toughest questions of Clemens. He brought up the mass on Clemens' buttocks with documentation of the mass.
  • An outside doctor reviewed an MRI of a mass on Clemens' buttocks, and concluded that it was more compatible with an injection of winstrol (a steroid) than B12, as Clemens claims.
  • Clemens' lawyers had another doctor report that gave another conclusion about the mass on his buttocks. As a lawyer, I know you can find an expert to say anything.  Or, I should say, pay an expert to say anything. All you have to do is go to "Xperts R Us" and you can pick one off the shelf.
  • During the entire exchange about the "palpable mass," I could not help but think of Forrest Gump talking about the time he got shot in the "butt-ox."
  • I loved the moment when the questions got tough and one of Clemens' attorneys interrupted and asked if he could answer a question posed to his client. Henry Waxman said, "no."
  • The Vice-chair of the committee kept asking stupid questions. He would state that person "A" said "X" and then ask McNamee why person "A" would say such a thing. There is no way a person can answer that.

I can not truly know why another person does anything. I can only know that they did it.

  • There is a recurring problem with this hearing - the Committee keeps assuming that different accounts of something (a party at Jose Conseco's house) that occurred years and years ago necessarily means that someone is lying about that event.

It is very easy and happens often that someone is just wrong. Being wrong is not the same as being a liar.

  • John L. Mica (R-FL) has HUGE hands. When he strokes his chin he almost covers his entire face. And he is wearing a pinky ring on his right hand that matches the wedding ring on his left hand. What's up with that?

Mica has not been listening, either, because he asked McNamee questions that he already answered.

  • One guy in the front row behind Clemens and McNamee looks like Stephen A. Smith's brother. Another guy looks like Scott Bakula.
  • Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) is wearing about two pounds of costume jewelry around her neck. She looks like a Junior League Mr. T.
  • So, Clemens' nanny was at the Canseco party, and she told the Committee that Roger was there. Rep. Henry Waxman brought this out. Clemens contacted her in between the Committee asking for her name and giving her name to the Committee. 

One might question as to why he needed to talk to her before letting the Committee talk to her. 

Clemens' main attorney Rusty Hardin jumped up at this point and acted all disgusted with the questioning. He should tone it down.

  • Oh sheesh. McNamee has a Ph.D. from an online diploma mill. Even worse, he actually called himself a "Dr."
  • They are spending way too much time on the party at Jose Canseco's house. Whether or not Clemens was there is irrelevant to whether or not he took steriods. It's like arguing over what a bank robber had for breakfast on the morning he robbed the bank. Who cares? He still robbed the bank.
  • Virginia Foxx (R-NC) is from North Carolina. Virginia is from Carolina. That is confusing. I wonder if she is related to Redd Foxx? She has that extra "X" in there. 
  • So Chuck Knoblauch took the juice, too. Is the inability to make a throw to first base a side effect of HGH?
  • The Vice Chair of the Committee is Tom Davis (R-VA). Didn't he used to coach the Iowa basketball team? 
  • Roger had to be gavelled down when he interrupted Waxman's final statement. Waxman said "this is not your time to argue with me."


  • Why were there IRS agents there? I can understand the FBI. They are investigating illegal drug activity. But the IRS? I do not see any allegations of unreported income in this matter. 

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