As I sit here watching the NBA All-Star game's HORSE competition on TNT, I keep wanting more.

In a game that is based around hustle, determination, skill, and speed, the game of HORSE should be a perfect venue to display a player's true talent.

But in this version of the game, the athletes are restricted to a slow-paced and uninterested display of talent. Seeing the possibility of this type of competition, the NBA needs to add some flair. Here are a few things the NBA can do to make this competition more exciting:

1.) Don't play in a traditional arena: --Play on a community playground, play on a rooftop, play in on ice, play in a mall.... something to change it up. When more obstacles are involved, the game gets more exciting, allowing for more innovative and interesting shots

2.) Allow props --Get the fans, other players, or the commentators involved in the shots. Have a more interactive competition where other people can serve as props to the plays.

3.) Create an opportunity to get a shot back --Allow players to bet multiple letters to get a letter back, or even give their letter to someone else by doing a fan shot or some other method.

4.) Allow at max 3 dunks per game --I know they don't want it to become another dunk contest, but if you allow at least a few dunks a game, it would cause the speed and excitement level to go up. Also, how cool would it be to have people all trying to copy dunks they have never seen before??

5.) Get higher level players in the game --Get the big names in the competition... Then see how exciting it gets

6.) Add competitors --Have one less set of commercials and add 2 competitors. It would end up being the same amount of time anyways.

Whaddya think? Any other ideas to improve the HORSE competition?

Or do you not care enough to change it anyways?

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