I know that there are a few people who have seemed less than happy about the Power Trip Program In the morning .

The quality of this program can not be matched for it is my belief that this program wich is unrehersed and straight of the cuff

is the most zanny ,wild , action filled , program on radio today and I would not be suprized if it did not walk home with all the accolades and awards

that sports and radio can give . I think if people don't tune in and listen they are missing a part of history that has and will continue to change lives .

This show has given us such clasics as Twins Talk ! The Power Picks , has changed my life . There speacial guest are the top in there trade

wether its Mark Rossen one of the elite in Sports anouncing or The best center in all of the NFL Matt Birk ! The show never lets me down and has a fan

In Brian Tronnes For life !

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