Sports and politics, are they really that different. Do they not both make the average man feel more important than he actually is, do they not both get relentless media coverage, do some women not understand either(just joking). You look at the presidential primaries and the NFL playoff picture they aren't that different. You have the clear cut favorites, you choose one person from each side and make them go head to headm and the slightest mistake could ruin you. So I came up with the playoff caucuses. The AFC will be the Republicans, the NFC will be democrat, and this will be the closest I ever come to supporting the Republican party.....


New England Patriots(Mitt Romney)-Being from New England and having the most money and resources, New England is expect to runaway with the nomination. Alot of people hate him but hey he has money

Indianapolis Colts(Mike Huckabee)-More of the second place guy, most consider him to go all the way if New England slips up somehow. Because of the dislike for New England, people hope for him to win. Barring any upset it should be New England v. Indianapolis

San Diego Chargers(Rudy Guiliani)-Not as experienced yet was favored to win towards the beginning of the race but since has faded away. They have been real inconsistant but it hasn't cost least not yet

Pittsburgh Steelers(John McCain)-Losing momentum and fast, they are like the Chargers really strong at one point then they are who we thought they were at another point. He is even an underdog in his homestate, they have alot of naysayers that they need to silence

Jacksonville Jaguars(Fred Thompson) The dark horse, nothing really flashy about them, but they don't do much wrong either. No one expects them to win but if they do no one would be surprised. Just sit and wait.

Tennessee Titans(Ron Paul) No one is giving them a chance, don't see why they would bother running, if they win the AFC the NFC will win easily. They might as well quit. But they are sticking with it and if one of the top teams slip up they could ease in.


Dallas Cowboys(Hilary Clinton) Been the favorite since day one but has been stumbling down the stretch. Feels that they are the only team in the NFC that can hang with the AFC big boys. The most popular candidate but can they prove they deserve the hype, we'll see

Green Bay Packers(Barack Obama)No one expected them to come this far because they are too young but here they are top contenders. Dallas thinks they are the only team that could be the AFC but the Pack begs to differ.

Seattle Seahawks(John Edwards) No one really thinks they have what it takes, there is a large gap between the elite and them. They tend to underestimate smaller obstacles and slowly turning themselves into one.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(Dennis Kucinich) Been on cruise control most of the time and not sure if they can just turn it on when they need to.

New York Giants(Mike Gravel) No one is giving them a chance except to come in 4th over Tampa Bay who isn't doing much and then the road stops there for the unproven Giants.

Washington Redskins(Bill Richardson) No one expects much from them but they aren't exactly counted out. They have battled hard but it has yet to pay off in whats really a 3 team race.

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