The Newest Bucco: Byung Hyun Kim

That's right, the crazy submariner with a...shall we say..colorful past is coming to Pittsburgh. Kim signed a major league deal with the Bucs earlier today, in what may be the most bizarre offseason move the Pirates have made in recent memory. Kim, of course, has pitched terribly of late, and is best known for nearly blowing the '01 World Series vs. the Yankees. He hasn't gotten a whole lot better lately, having been let go by three different teams last year alone (6.08 ERA), and really has turned into a strange guy, on and off the field. The initial reaction from Pirate fans isn't one of joy, but some are cautiously optimistic about the 29 year old hurler. Charlie at Bucs Dugout points out that Kim still posts good strikeout rates, and with the crazy movement he gets on every pitch, he could easily end up being very effective. I want to agree with him, but Kim's insane pitches are obviously not always a good thing. There's a reason he's been consistently rocked and the chances he gets bombed out of Pittsburgh are relatively high. I still like the risk though, since you never really know with a guy like Kim.

One other note I found entertaining today: "[1B Adam] LaRoche, aware he probably will face old friend John Smoltz in the Pirates' March 31 opener in Atlanta: "I'm taking him deep. Put that in the paper." (PG) All I'll say about this is I hope Adam's right.

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