I have to start using Roman numerals because some of the titles I want have been taken.

1. New England Patriots. Meh. Beat the Giants, 16-0, Gumbel.

2. Indianapolis Colts. This is a team that is getting healthy, and the defending champs once again are headed for a first round bye. Marvin Harrison could even play against the Titans.

3. Dallas Cowboys. They rebounded from a stunning loss to Philly, and they've clinched the #1 seed in the NFC.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars. This is the hottest team in the NFL not named the Patriots. They have played consistent football, are a very physical team, and now have an offense that is very much deadly.

5. Green Bay Packers. I'm inching closer to being off the Packer bandwagon. They seem lost in the past few weeks, and losing to Chicago (swept in the season) is just horrible.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers. The defense for Pittsburgh is totally melting, there is no way the Steelers are going to be contenders with the poor protection of Big Ben, and the lack of a once solid defense.

7. San Diego Chargers. I really don't see the problem in this taunting controversy. They're facing the Broncos, a huge rival, and they aren't suppose to trash talk? Outrageous! But as they head into the playoffs, San Diego is going to need better performances from Philip Rivers.

8. Seattle Seahawks. I'm a little concerned that the Seahawks continue to allow big play type of touchdowns....but they keep winning, and now they can relax and wait for the Redskins, Vikes, or Saints.

9. New York Giants. This is by far the most impossible team to watch, but their defense stepped up to the plate with their season on the line, and they are in the playoffs yet again, this time against Tampa.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I know they pulled most of their starters out, but they still were struggling with San Francisco even with the regulars out there. We'll see if they can win their first playoff game since winning the Super Bowl come January.

The Almost Ready For Primetime Teams

11. Washington Redskins. This Todd Collins guy is not bad. He has lead this team to a great chance to head to Seattle. The defense is also playing much better, and Joe Gibbs hasn't called all 3 time outs before the game even begins.

12. Tennessee Titans. Win and you're in (and then spit out in the first round).

13. Cleveland Browns. What a waste. They couldn't beat Cincy. Now they have to hope that the Colts beat the Titans or that good ol Cleveland luck as worked yet again.

14. Minnesota Vikings. Sorry dudes, you lost at home, and now you are scoreboard watching. Tarvaris Jackson has gone back to playing like Rex Grossman.

15. Philadelphia Eagles. Awesome, they are playing good football juuustt in time to miss the playoffs by a long shot.

Chew me out punks.

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