This whole thing in no way exists, obviously; I just got the idea because I was getting bored by all the current NFL playoff teams. Not bored in the sense that I don’t want to talk about them, think about them or write about them anymore – I just missed some of the other teams, I guess. So, in the interests of… I don’t know, anyone who cares, let us take a look at the NFL runners up tournament.

The NFL runners-up tournament is constructed the same way the normal playoff system is. The number 1 and 2 seeds in each conference get a bye week, 3 plays 6, 4 plays 5 – why am I explaining this, you all get the idea, right?

Since some divisions had two or even three teams that made the playoffs, there will be no ‘division’ winners getting the 3 and 4 seeds since well, that just doesn’t seem right. So, all of the seeds will be determined strictly by their records and tiebreakers will be handled in typical NFL fashion, turning to records against that particular opponent, conference records and all that other good stuff. Also, this whole thing can gauge how much your team sucks, because if they don’t make this tournament, than they didn’t have a very good year. Sorry.

After the seeds and games are out of the way, I’m going to pick who I think would win. Yes there will be upsets – just like in real football! Thus, you may or may not agree with who I think would win any given game. If not, I’m sorry and just say so in the comments -- you can even call me names, I have a pretty thick skin. I made up the scores, too because well, it only seemed right.

Anyway, enough bull-ish rules let’s begin!

First off, the seeds:


1. Cleveland 2. Houston 3. Buffalo 4. Cincinnati 5. Denver 6. Baltimore


1. Philadelphia 2. Minnesota 3. Arizona 4. Carolina 5. New Orleans 6. Detroit

Wild Card Round

Baltimore @ Buffalo – Buffalo wins 27-6. Baltimore lost 9 of their last 10 games. In short: They suck.

Detroit @ Arizona – Arizona wins 23-17. This would actually be a pretty good match up. However, Detroit didn’t have a great second half of the season whereas Arizona was consistent throughout.

Denver @ Cincinnati – Cincinnati wins 21-17. Another pretty good match up. However, Denver was 2-6 away from Mile High and as much as Cincinnati underachieved this year, I think they would pull out a win at home.

New Orleans @ Carolina – New Orleans wins 30-16. I’m sorry, but unless Jake Delhomme is QB, I can’t take Carolina too seriously. Even then it's a stretch, especially with David Carr’s white gloves somewhere in the stadium.

All in all nothing too big happens, unless you count the Saints beating the Panthers in Carolina a big event and I do not.

Divisional Playoffs

Cincinnati @ Cleveland – Cleveland wins 34-27. Yes, Cincinnati beat Cleveland in Week 16, but I doubt it would happen again, especially in a ‘playoff.’

New Orleans @ Philadelphia – Philadelphia wins 27-20. If Reggie Bush were healthy, I might have taken New Orleans, but he’s not… so I won’t.

Buffalo @ Houston – Houston wins 27-17. I have nothing logical to say for this one except that if they actually played, I think Houston would win.

Arizona @ Minnesota – Minnesota wins 30-20. Jackson/Peterson/Taylor > Warner/Edge.

Again, nothing too big happens, really.

Conference Championships

Houston @ Cleveland – Cleveland wins 26-17. Cleveland beat Houston during Week 12. They would also do so here, I think.

Minnesota @ Philadelphia – Philadelphia wins 23-20. Philly actually beat Minnesota in Week 8 and I consider them a better team. I did think for a while about this one, though.

No surprises, unless you think Houston would have beat Cleveland. I did not though, so there you go.

Runner Up Super Bowl

Philadelphia @ Cleveland (in Hawaii) – Philadelphia wins 27-24 in OT. This one could have gone either way, but I think Joe Johnson’s blitzing schemes would confuse Derek Anderson enough for the Eagles to win by a field goal in OT.


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